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National Infrastructure

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Freeway Interchange
Freeway Interchange

Can America afford to allow its infrastructure to deteriorate further? Can America afford not to innovate and upgrade and reinvent its infrastructure? Can America even afford infrastructure modification while government debt continues to climb? These are huge and far reaching questions. Let's take a shot at answering them.

U.S. Economic Future

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Truckee bomb, 1962
Truckee bomb, 1962

The picture depicts what will happen to the U.S. economy around 2020 to 2025, if the United States does little to nothing over the next 5 years about the federal budget and Medicare/Medicaid deficits. It is easy to rationalize that our politicians will not allow this to occur. However, there is nothing easy, or even likely, about how that can be accomplished. In fact, the odds are against our politicians effecting the changes needed to avert the next Great Depression. Outlined here are the nuts and bolts about that future and the near impossible choices facing our politicians. There is a way, however.

Mayhem in Tucson

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Credit: James Palka/AP

It can be truthfully said that the political rhetoric in America using terms of violence and combat, do contribute to our long history of political violence. Should politicians avoid such rhetoric? The answer is yes, if they are to be responsible public leaders, seeking to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution and its intents.


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