Homophobes Lose It

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Obama For LGBT Rights

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Pres. Obama made good on another of his campaign promises, in signing into law the end of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy in our military. No doubt, homophobes will contemplate how to reverse the new law, as the believers that only the wealthier should be able to afford health care, press to reverse that new legislation, as well. As hard as it is these days to pass a law, repealing them is even harder. Which feeds right into the belief system of conservatives who fear costly programs can never be repealed.
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Logically, however, conservatives fail to qualify that it is only the very popular costly programs that won't be repealed, but reformed, as needed. The onerous one's, like DADT, are repealable, as we just witnessed. It is a long standing principle that American government should not discriminate against citizens for employment, if they citizens are otherwise qualified. And that principle is what won out amongst the leaders in the Pentagon and military echelons, as well as with the general public, and finally, with the Congress.

Those who don't believe DADT should not have been repealed, however, are under no obligation to join the military and serve along side gay and lesbian soldiers. There freedom of choice is preserved, as it is now for gay and lesbian citizens, to choose to enter the military or not. And that is just, as defined by our nation's developed principle that all men and women are created equal in the eyes of God, and the law. It is one of those principles that has insured our nation's survival and integrity.

The history of DADT is an interesting read on WikiPedia.

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I think its completely dumb that people are even still arguing about the don't ask don't tell policy. that as if we were saying that black people couldn't join the military because they are black its total BS. Gay people are people to and i personally believe that they have every right to do everything that every average citizen has the right to do.

Couldn't agree more, Matt.

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