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GOP - Anti-Commonwealth.

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One can literally view and make sense of all things Republican in our Congress through the motivation prism of the presidential election in 2012. Their actions as a Party today, and for the next 23 months, will be in accord with their view of how to win back the White House in 2012. Those who think, or hope, that Republicans will do something good for the nation and the vast majority of non-wealthy in America, are going to be as disappointed in them as they were in the run up to the 2008 election.

Homophobes Lose It

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Obama For LGBT Rights

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Pres. Obama made good on another of his campaign promises, in signing into law the end of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy in our military. No doubt, homophobes will contemplate how to reverse the new law, as the believers that only the wealthier should be able to afford health care, press to reverse that new legislation, as well. As hard as it is these days to pass a law, repealing them is even harder. Which feeds right into the belief system of conservatives who fear costly programs can never be repealed.
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President Obama's bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is better known as the Debt Reduction Committee. It is made up of 18 members, Republican and Democrat, elected officials and some non-elected. They released their report yesterday. Member's comments on the report and process were aired on TV. Despite all the backslapping and mutual admiration comments, the report will definitely not receive a unanimous vote tomorrow. It will quite possibly be dead, on arrival of the vote.

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