Obama's Last Chance.

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In 2009, Obama sought bi-partisan cooperation with Republicans. That cooperation, however, proved to be Charlie Brown's football. Republicans pulled it out from under Obama each time the kick came. What Obama did get passed, satisfied neither the Left nor the Right, compromised to the nth degree for the sake of passing something, anything.

Pres. Obama has one last chance to win back the voters that elected him. That chance is to come out swinging in January against the Republicans whose agenda is to defeat him and enrich the wealthiest who support them. That chance is to come out swinging in January against the Democrats who would water down or compromise Obama's positions which got him elected.

The American people wanted the Public Option health care reform. If Pres. Obama does not come out with that in January, the majority of the American people will not reelect him. The American people elected Obama to end the fruitless wars in the Middle East. He needs to step up to the plate to fight for that promise made to the American people. Obama promised political reforms of accountability and transparency. He must take those reforms and run with them, whether or not, the Congress' politicians will pass them.

The economy is improving. America's economy is, even now, somewhat insulated from the European nation's fiscal woes. This presents Pres. Obama with the opportunity to make good on his promise to the American people to stimulate our economy and job growth to bring that unemployment rate down to below 7% by June of 2012 and make the solemn promise that deficits and debt will be fought for, just as hard, when that unemployment rate has dropped. If Pres. Obama does not champion these first and foremost concerns of the American people,  he will not deserve their vote in 2012.

It will matter not, whether Congress cooperates with Obama and passes these agenda items. If Obama stands up as the champion of them, and the American people demanding them, the people will vent their frustration on the Congress in 2012, not the President. But, Pres. Obama's efforts in this regard have to prove to the people that he is applying all of the possible and available brute force power of his office to make these demands a reality. If he does that, and these measures fail in the Congress, then public wrath will turn on the, yet again.

"Unity is the great need of the hour," Obama quoted Dr. Martin Luther King, in 2008. If Pres. Obama does not abandon efforts toward unity between Congressional Democrats and Republicans, and take up the cause of unifying the liberal and independent voters around his 2008 agenda that got him elected, we will not only have had a lame duck Congress, but, a lame shame of a president who abandoned the people in the name of Congressional bi-partisanship, that 'Lucy' was never going to let happen.

I voted for Pres. Obama in 2008 like the majority of Americans did. If any plausibly better candidate were running against Obama today, Obama would not receive my vote. That's where I stand, because I no longer know where Pres. Obama stands. It is up to him to prove to us, that he is back in our corner fighting for our votes on our issues and policy directions.

(The high points of Obama's 2008 agenda.)

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this is right what has obama done? has he done anything that he said he was gana do i dont think so because the democrats dont agree with the republican.

i agree that bipartisanship is neceassary and that obama must try harder but i fail to see why so many people overlook what he HAS done. he has passed a revolutionary health care bill and he has lowered taxes through this process. I think Obama isnt the one to blames but rather its the parties in Congress who are slowing the recovery process

Michael, thank you for your comments.

He did promise health care reform, and delivered. It's just that the majority of Americans aren't, yet, and likely won't be, pleased with the result. Obama failed to deliver Congress with a reform outline and use the power of his office to get as much of it passed as possible. Instead, he left it to the Congress design, and what resulted was a watered down mish-mash of a law which pleased virtually no one. This was a gross lack of leadership on his part, IMO. Some things in the reform will help a lot of Americans, but, the law completely ignored the unfunded liabilities of Medicare and Medicaid which are going to bury our nation under a pile of debt.

Shyam, thank you for your comments. Obama has not been his own best salesman for what he has accomplished, likely because so much of what he promised on the campaign trail has failed to materialize, and he has turned his back on. Of course, he also has faced the fiercest counter-attacks for anything he does, that I have seen in my 60 years.

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