Duopoly's Mega-Mistake!

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The Democratic and Republican Parties have made the 2010 elections all about keeping their base and moving them to the polls on November 2. They are not debating the issues, which is what the anti-incumbent voter needs to hear about to win back their support. They are instead, throwing out the lowest forms of distractions and personal attacks designed to energize their base supporter's animosity toward the opposition. What a mistake, and they will pay for it, as will the nation.

The obvious truth ignored in this election is that all Americans will be subject to the same future in America. We will, as one people, either prosper or suffer at the hands of our political government. This should be uniting Americans around securing that future. But, the political parties, have another idea. Their idea is that a government that is not controlled by the opposition is more important than a united America rescuing itself and its future. In other words, politics is their first priority and our nation's future isn't even on the priority list.

The anti-incumbent voters routed Republicans for gross mismanagement of our nation. They are poised to rout Democrats this year and in 2012. Neither Party is going to get their political objectives accomplished, because they are failing to address and solve the real issues the anti-incumbent and independent voters demand to be addressed if they are to vote for either Party's incumbents, ever again.

It would appear these circumstances are fertilizing and sowing the political ground for the rise of an independent party which seeks to neuter the duopoly Party, and chart a practical and centrist direction for addressing the concerns of anti-incumbent and independent voters. Independent voters outnumber either Democratic or Republican registered voters. When will such a third party take off? That is impossible to say at this time. But, I recommend to fellow anti-incumbent and independent voters that they look into the New American Independent Party (NAIP). Their platform issues can be viewed here, and here.

I don't agree with all their platform positions. But, what makes NAIP unique, is that their platform is not set in ideological concrete. Their platform reflects the majority position of their supporters, and as more followers come on board, that platform will adjust to reflect new and modified positions of their expanding support base. It is what the Democratic and Republican Parties once were, until ideological hardening of the arteries set in.

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