Billions of Political Dollars - Impotent.

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Party leaders, analysts, and political pundits are trying to make sense of the polling data, but, they simply can't. They want to predict November's race outcomes, but, they can't. The growing anti-incumbent movement is the reason.

The only rational vote for a person dissatisfied with their government is against the incumbents producing those unsatisfactory results. The pundits and analysts simply don't yet understand this new movement, which is NOT individual policy oriented, but, general results based. Only thirty-two percent of 'Likely U.S. Voters' now say the country is heading in the right direction, according to the latest Rasmussen Poll on the topic. That is not a statement that favors one Party over another. It is a statement of rejection of the political system in general and government results overall.

Until one or the other of the two party's leadership, candidates and incumbents grasp the import of this new psychology of voters, neither Party will be able to hold on to a majority in our government. That is the new political reality - and all the wealthy special interest money in the world will prove impotent in changing this new reality. That is what makes the anti-incumbent movement so potentially powerful - it is impervious to the money flowing through the political system and its attempts to buy power.

(This article previously published at Vote Out Incumbents Democracy. AKA: VOID )


You are very right in your article about the parties holding power. What the parties in the US have to realize is that the game has changed. Voters are not interested nor likely to support the same things that the party stood for 5 years ago. The GOP has taken a completely different turn and even the democratic party is slowly progressing. Unless these parties catch up to modern thinking none of them will be able to hold nor retain power for long in the US.

Terry, thanks for the comment reply. Couldn't agree more.

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