Divided GOP: Failing America

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Human societies exist on the basis of interdependence. When buying a loaf of bread, we must be able to trust that the producer of that bread used wholesome ingredients in an uncontaminated bakery. If we board a train or plane, we must be able to trust the competence of the driver and pilot. A breakdown in such trust and reliance, would quickly result in a failed economy for all. Societies are made of many groups, and such groups must cooperate and trust each other if that society is to reach its best potential.

If those making decisions for many err, or become corrupt, the consequences for those living with their decisions can be enormously negative. Conversely, to neglect the welfare of individuals in a society can, and will, produce very costly consequences like Charles Manson, Timothy McVeigh, the Uni-bomber, and the urban rioters of the 1960's and early 1970's, and organizations like the the KKK, Aryan Nation, Weathermen, militant faction of the Black Panthers, or, on an even larger scale, the Confederacy, threatening to tear our nation apart.

A society is only as great as the least of its own citizens. A society that ignores and neglects the plight of its members, has neither peace nor civil order in its future. A concept many Americans cannot, and will not subscribe to the wisdom of, unless and until, they become the neglected and ignored.

The GOP is very divided. In May of 2009, some leaders in the Party set out to reshape their public image. That image however, is as fractured as the Party's ranks are. Polls reflect very poor opinion of the GOP as the Party to manage government, with only 24% holding a positive rating, compared to 33% positive for the Democratic Party. Reshaping the Party's image put the cart before the horse. First, the GOP had to reshape their platform and internal unity around that platform. They didn't, and as the poll shows, their public image has not improved.

The N.Y. Mosque protesters don't realize the potential consequences of their actions in erosion of civil liberty, let alone their growing role in aiding and abetting our enemies, the Taliban and al-Queda, giving credibility to their propaganda of the U.S. engaged in war against the religion of Islam - a resurrection of the Crusades by Americans. The consequences of such ignorance by Mosque protesters. can only be mitigated by a national rebuke of such ignorance. Seems the GOP is not willing to support our nation's future even in this, for political short term gains.

Evil will grow in strength when good people stand silently and fearfully by. America's great destiny depends upon taking care of the least and most vulnerable insuring dignity and liberty for even these. But, it also rests upon its courage to denounce those within it, who would subvert that destiny with cowardly and aggressive prejudices and bigotry that would cast all of a skin color, or religion, or economic class in the same mold as the derelicts within those groups.

Now is the time for all good folk of the Republican and Democratic parties to rise united in denunciation of those who would take us back to our darker history of civil war, deprivation, and inhumane treatment of each other: the thinly veiled agenda of Glenn Beck's 'divine' oratory this last weekend. Our political parties have ample common enemies of our nation and ideals, to unite around.

The offer to do so has been made by President Obama, repeatedly. None from the GOP have risen from the prepubescent shame of election defeat, to become great again in accepting the offer, proud and good American to proud and good American. Where are the GOP's Ronald Reagan protege's, who would put nation and future first; rising above politics, to tend to our common enemies in united fashion? Debt, ignorance, lies and propaganda, lack of accountability and responsibility, ideological extremism and the corrupting influence of money in our political process are all enemies of America seeking to destroy her future.

If the GOP wants to resurrect their Party, they could do no better than to make addressing these real enemies of America the foundation of their platform and election campaigns..Resentment over having lost the majority in government, and internal warfare between moderates and far right conservatives within the Party, keep the short sighted GOP leaders and its potential great leaders from rising to the occasion. Such petty and small minded rivalries will likely cost the GOP in November any majority.

David Horowitz is a symbol of what's wrong with the Republican Party, and why polls continue to show public approval (PDF) of the Democratic Party higher than the GOP. Horowitz writes a plea this morning for donations to the Freedom Center to stop the new Mosque in New York City. He opens his plea in an email sponsored by GOPUSA, with the following line: "Dear Fellow Conservative, I am sure you've heard about the mosque they want to build on the sacred soil of Ground Zero in New York City." He begins with a bald faced lie, and builds his pitch from there.

Republican sheep of course, won't be able to see the lie in Horowitz' opening line, because their primary source of information is the likes of liars like David Horowitz. Thus, a self-fulfilling prophecy is brought about. Uneducated Republicans, fearing looking stupid and uneducated, believe things which are stupid and uneducated espoused by master manipulators like David Horowitz who takes advantage of their uneducated state. The lie is easily discerned by anyone whose sources are broader than GOP deception artists. The place for the mosque they want to build is three pedestrian blocks away Ground Zero, and not even in a line of sight from Ground Zero. It might as well be three thousand miles away for all the practical difference its location makes.

But, then, the Mosque, and America's peaceful, United States loving, Islamic communities are not, and were never the issue for Republican manipulators of the facts and spinsters of deceit. The issue for them is how to motivate conservatives to the polls in November to vote for Republicans. The Mosque and its location are simply tools to that end. The lie was necessary to make the tool work on the fears of stupid and uneducated Republican voters. A great many Republicans are neither stupid nor uneducated, however. And therein lies the war taking place inside the GOP, that is going to cost them in November's elections, despite all other political conditions being ripe for their taking back the House of Representatives and Senate majorities.

Our nation continues to suffer the consequences of the GOP's inability to bring forth great American leaders. They fight pettily over the paltry prize of Party leadership instead. The David Horowitz' and Glenn Becks have become the public face of the GOP and such faces will never rally a majority of consent and unity from the American public. Stop the lies and rally around defeating our nation's enemies, without, and within. That is the path forward for the GOP, should they depose David Horowitz and find new leaders to embrace this agenda for America's future.

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