My Conversation with Sen. John Cornyn, Citizen's United

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Sen. John Cornyn Smiling.jpgDear Sen. Cornyn,

In your reply to my petition regarding the Citizen's United case, you said:

"I agree with the Supreme Court's decision to strike down a law that violates the intent of the First Amendment, which reads: "Congress shall make no law...abridging the Freedom of Speech, or of the Press."

I am appalled at your lack of understanding of our U.S. Constitution. The first amendment protection was extended to all citizens of the United States. It never even contemplated, nor did the drafters, the concept of corporations and non-profit organizations obtaining personhood and citizenship status protections extended to free people.

What you promote in your failed understanding is a rejection of the voice of individuals in deference to the megaphone capacity of enormous wealth at the disposal of corporations to control elections and therefore, diminish the power and potency of the speech of individual citizens, as well as their vote.

I thank you for the response. But, I cannot support a representative with such a distorted and perverted interpretation of the First Amendment apparently motivated to protect your own political financial support from the corporations while diminishing the power of the rights the Constitution extended to individual Americans.

I shall be supporting and participating with the anti-incumbent groups from this point forward, to help remove the protectors of the marriage between corporations and government representatives for their mutual benefit, instead of, the benefit of the American people and this nation's future for our children.

It is regrettable so many in Congress today are forcing voters like myself to reject them at the polls. But, we are being forced by responses and actions such as yours.

Sincerely, David Remer


Why do we keep electing clowns like this to represent us. Our last best chance to put a small patch on our government is to send all the incumbents packing with a message. Our way or the highway. Term limits and abolishing the "Golden Parachutes" enjoyed by all those who screw . . . . sorry, I meant serve us. It should be a privilege to serve, not a windfall. I think that the only way to have the full attention of our elected officials is when their actions have a direct effect on their lives. Our government has become this giant blob that can't get anything done.

Couldn't agree with you more, Robert. Thanks.

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