Increasingly Dangerous Extremists

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confederate-flag.jpgPut a John Wingnut in a room with 6 doors. Every door leads back into the same room, paired to another of the other 5 doors. As John Wingnut approaches door #5, it dawns on him that the remaining two doors may be no more liberating than the previous ones. His anger and frustration are now building to high levels, but, doors 5 and 6 are tried, nonetheless. Now, John Wingnut is going crazy and is racking his brain for any other option. He wants out. All doors lead back to the same room. John Wingnut now so hates this room, he will destroy it to get himself free of it.

John Wingnut represents the right wing extremists, today. The Room represents the America they find themselves in. The 3 pair of connected doors represents their means to exit, change, or destroy the America they hate so much.
Doors one and two are exit visas to another nation they can call home. They hate doors one and two, because America is all they know. The unknown and unfamiliar scare the hell out of right wing extremists, and is the source of their hate, bigotry, and prejudices. Right wing extremists, for all their hate talk toward America, her government, and her people, can't imagine a better nation in the world to move to. The cognitive dissonance only fuels their anger.
Door pair 3 and 4 is the electoral process: in a word, democracy. Right wing extremists hate democracy and denounce it repeatedly as the enemy of the America they long for. In their own words, 'America was founded as a 'republic', not a democracy'. However, for right wing extremists, republic is a code word for authoritarian government. Specifically, authoritarian governments capable of putting the majority in their place, with the extremist's champions as the authoritarians, authoring the laws right wing nuts think they want to live under. This is the same hunger for an authoritarian champion that the German people hungered for in the 1930's. They got their wish, and their Germany was destroyed by it.
Door pair 5 and 6 represents resurrecting the Civil War, and winning it this time. At least that is the fantasy found illuminated in the rhetoric of the likes of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Rush Limbaugh and Texas' Governor Rick Perry, siding with secessionist passions. It is no accident, or coincidence, that confederate flags and symbols are found at all right wing extremist gatherings, and 99.5% to 100% of those in attendance are white men and women. It is no accident or coincidence that a black president has riled them as no president has in living memory, to include Lyndon B. Johnson.
All doors open to right wing extremists to exit, change, or destroy America lead back to their being a minority, lacking the power to effect the change they want for America. And this simple fact is what is swelling their frustration, emboldening their acts, and disintegrating their beliefs to breaking point extremes. They feel trapped. Trapped by their own ignorance, their own lack of appreciation for how great and wonderful America is in the context of human history, and trapped by their own vitriolic hatred and prejudices which will forever keep them a minority in a democratically elected government.

This kind of trap however, forces the kind of behavior evidenced by a cornered wild animal, which will claw, chew, bite, and attempt to kill anything standing between it and leaving the trap they cornered themselves into. The news stories evidencing this reality are mounting. Wingnuts threatening the lives and well being of Democrats over the passage of of health care reform, is one example. A man arraigned for threats toward Nancy Pelosi, is another. The Texan who flew his plane into the IRS office building in Austin a few months ago adds more. The growing list of threats documented and aimed at Pres. Obama, provides additional evidence. The Michigan militia group arrested for plotting war on the federal government, and more, are warning signs of more heinous acts to come.

There is a coalescing of right wing extremism around hate toward gays, government, taxes, and liberals, that is reaching dangerous proportions. And it is fueled by revisionist history in school text books modified by right wing extremists in control of the Texas text book publication enterprise which, sells these text books to school districts in many other states. This coalescing is fueled by the attention which the main stream media provides them in the name of profits and exploitation. It is fueled further by code words and actions of members of the Republican Party showing up in support of Tea Party demonstrations, and displaying "Don't Tread On Me" banners and other code signals and words that the extremists understand as championing their revolutionary and inciting causes. It is fueled by political entertainers like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the Fox News Network who incite these extremists for personal profit and gain (not that the Left doesn't have its own cadre of political entertainers, but they aren't inciting rebellion and violence.)

The roots of extremism in America run long and deep throughout our history. And they are, quite simply, an outgrowth of an immature democracy in which minorities are yet incapable of accepting a productive role, as a minority, in a democratically elected government. The Civil Rights movement was a divided movement with mature democracy lovers like Martin Luther King advocating peaceful civil disobedience as a means to influence majority opinion, as opposed to the violent African American riots in cities sparked by the perception of racial injustice meted out to individuals, like the police raid on a 'blind pig' in Detroit that sparked the 1967 riots, there.

America as a population continues to wrestle with democratic adolescence, marked by rebellious and violent backlashes of extremists who have failed to learn the lessons of wisdom and history of democracy. Democracy as a tool can, has, and will work in the hands of mature, educated, and patient people who commit themselves to the civilized prescriptions for democratic behavior. Education however, as has been much in the news these past few years, is in trouble in America, and getting worse with the bankrupting of States due to the Great Recession.
Democracy, to function well, must have a voting majority who are educated to the brink of common sense and wisdom, and who grasp a true understanding of the power of their vote. Unfortunately for America at this time in our history, our population is wanting in these requirements. Most voters today fail to grasp one of the most fundamental truths about voting in a democracy. Namely, that those in power don't need the public's vote to remain in power. Having power, they will make the rules to keep themselves there (gerrymandering for example). The power of the vote in a democracy is to remove those in power from their offices, when the voters disapprove of the results of their stay in power.
When a majority of the electorate fails to grasp this simple and fundamental truth about the power of the vote, they will fail to exercise that power effectively. The result, of course, will be a frustration with those in power governing the society they have to live in. Without an enormous investment by the people in a vastly more effective and reality / fact based educational system, America may never leave this adolescent stage in its journey toward a mature democracy. The minority party will increasingly champion obstructionism and wink and nod at the extremists opposing the majority party. Down that road lies civil unrest, civil war, or revolution, and eventually the slogan; "I'd rather be dead than American".


"There is a coalescing of right wing extremism around hate toward gays, government, taxes, and liberals, that is reaching dangerous proportions."

This statement, like much of your work, is sloppy and unfounded. Stating that this "is reaching dangerous proportions" is obviously pure conjecture. By whose definintion? Yours? Because you say so?

There have always been idiots in the world and the U.S. is no exception. But you and your ilk don't seem much smarter then them when you attempt to paint a group by the most extreme members - environmentalists spike trees and burn down new housing, liberatarians join militias and hate america, and on and on. Clearly in almost every group 99% of all members don't participate in the extreme behavior, yet idiots like you put it out there like it reflects of the whole group. Your argument is not particularly discerning or persuasive, just more of the same noise spewed all other the web. Isn't the U.S. a great place to live!

Guardian, ask the growing numbers of victims of such hate. Hell, even the Constitution itself is under attack by such so called conservatives, as in the freedom of religion (NY Mosque) and the 14th Amendment being called for repeal by some Republicans.

This is not to say the liberals and Democrats don't have their own quacks ruled by passions instead of reason. They do. But, to try to argue the conservatives and GOP is in anyway better is to argue against the reality that human nature and sociology is the same regardless of what political it subscribes to defend.

I am a 21 year old conservative and I do not stand all of the hate being thrown my way. I am against illegal immigration but I am not a racist. However according to liberal being against illegal immigration does make me racist. I am from a military family and I call terrorism what it is and again according to liberals that makes me a racist. Being from a military family and joining the military next year let me explain something to the liberals. If I oranother american soldier gets captured by a terrorist 9/10 time our heads come off so forgive me if I dont feel bad for a few terrorists who got water boarded after killing 3000 americans on 9/11.

I saw a story on the news the other day that made me sick. A group of college kids got arrested just for singing our national anthem in public and we can not even saw under god in the pledge of allegiance. I am american and proud to be american and I am willing to die for my country and shame to the liberal agenda for making this country so politically correct that I pretty much no longer have freedom of speech. I mean the liberal media is quick to condemn people against Obama. Where were the liberals when the anti war protestor were marching making me sick that my family and friend are fighting for idiots like that.

Maverick35, you are a GROSSLY uninformed individual.

People are not arrested for singing our national anthem. They are arrested for violating laws. But, it never occurred to you to inquire what laws, if any, this group was violating. Were they singing the anthem in the middle of a movie at a theater, or in the middle of a musical stage production of My Fair Lady, or were they singing it in the middle of a roadway blocking traffic? Look into the facts of the situation and you will find they were not arrested for singing the national anthem, and if they were, they will be rewarded handsomely for false arrest by our courts many run by liberal judges.

If you are incurring hate from others, perhaps it has more to do with your personality than your being a conservative. I live in rural area that is about 65% conservative, and I am a liberal on many issues and we all get along just fine.

I served as a volunteer in the U.S. Army from June 1972 to December 1975. I am a liberal on many issues and conservative on others. For me, terrorism is a crime, and needs to be treated as such. I know a lot of conservatives and liberals and none of them are fond of terrorists or want to see them free to murder. One thing that makes my friends different from terrorists, is that my friends, conservative and liberal, do not themselves advocate our torturing other people for revenge or expediency. That is what terrorists do. If you advocate torture of others for expediency, then your value system IS NO DIFFERENT than that of the terrorists.

What you need to do is make friends with some American Muslims. You will quickly find that they are just as American and friendly as American Buddhists, Jews, Catholics or Baptists, or Atheists. You are young. I hope you do go in the military. They will teach you a great deal more about humanity and tolerance for other races, religions, and cultures than you have been taught, so far.

The conservative media is quick to condemn people against Republicans. That is the nature of partisan media which stems from our 1st Amendment. Please tell me you are not advocating for revoking or amending the 1st Amendment as a result.

There is much to learn in this world, and you have only 21 years in a narrowly defined environment experience. I am confident you will learn much more and hopefully become a wiser person who finds far more commonality with fellow human beings than differences. Good luck and Buddha speed.


I have a lot of friends who are American muslims and they are peaceful. My uncle has 2 in his unit who are good friends of ours. There you go with you liberal attitude condeming me as a racist just because I call islamic terrorism what it is. I also knew people killed on 9/11. This is why I am joing the army in January. A liberal cnn poll showed that over 80 percent of carreer soldiers that is with 5 years or more are conservative and I would rather die in combat than remotley be associated with terrorists like Seann Penn and Michael Moore but thanks for the lecture.

Maverick35 said: "There you go with you liberal attitude condeming me as a racist just because I call islamic terrorism what it is."

Maverick35, you must be hallucinating. No where in my response do I call you a racist, or, even imply it. If you are an LSD taking conservative, I am glad to meet you. You are the first I have ever spoken with.

Do a reality check, and QUOTE MY WORDS which call you a racist or even imply it.

What I do now see in your response is paranoia - look up the definition. You are seeing persecution where none exists. Which may explain your first sentences left here:

I am a 21 year old conservative and I do not stand all of the hate being thrown my way. I am against illegal immigration but I am not a racist. However according to liberal being against illegal immigration does make me racist.

All of my liberal friends are opposed to Illegal Immigration. What you are doing is providing your perceptions without foundation or evidence to support them. And it appears, you are projecting some paranoid delusions into what others say which has no basis in fact.

What you may also be doing is projecting your own prejudices against liberals onto liberals. I don't think you even know what the terms liberal and conservative mean. But, I will give you the opportunity to prove me wrong if you care to proffer your operational definitions.

Otherwise, I can only conclude that you throw such labels around and attach them to people depending on whether they lockstep agree with you or question what you have to say.


As a conservative, this is what I believe in. Strong Natinal Defense, Limited Spending, Limited Taxes, Personal Responsibility, and the rights given to me in the constitution.

Liberals under Obama believe in the expansion of government, unlimited spending and nationalization, creating a national charity (Healthcare, which is why except for military charity's I no longer give money to any other chairty's), being politically correct, raising taxes, and weakening our national security. To elaborate on my last point. Bill Clinton politicized the military. My uncle was one of the first one into Iraq and during the first year 32 generals with 2 or more stars were relieved of command which is why on national security alone I will never vote for a democrat.

Liberals also believe in letting people who come here illegally and therefore by result break the law and at the same time demand that terrorists be given couche and very nice prison cells and probably get off as a result of treating it as a "criminal action" The democrats are hypocrites. We are either a ntion of laws for EVERYBODY or we are not you cannot have a double standard.


Thank you for the response. Polls show most Americans believe in the same things you say you do, both liberals and conservatives. Liberals believe in National Defense that protects our nation. They believe in ending wasteful and abusive spending in government. They believe in limiting taxes PROVIDED deficits and debt are not increased threatening our future even more. Liberals believe in Constitutional liberties which is why the ACLU is supported by many of them. The ACLU defends the Bill of Rights. The majority of liberals believe in personal responsibility and take care of their jobs, families, and homes without assistance from outside. These are documented facts and statistics.

Where conservatives and liberals differ are in their relative priority setting for these objectives. Liberals DO NOT believe in allowing the American public to suffer at the hands of corporate mismanagement which was no fault of the public's, as with the Banking sector meltdown and unemployment that ensued. The question is, why do conservatives believe the public should pay the sacrificial price for corporate mismanagement?

Many conservatives believe the economy should be allowed to tank, with all the public suffering that that entails, as the quickest and most cost effective way of economic recovery without massive government spending. Liberals of course disagree. That is a value priority system difference between the two camps. The majority of Americans not being independently wealthy, the majority will side with the liberals on this issue most of the time.

But, it is important to not equate conservative and liberal principles with the Democratic Party and Republican Party. Recent history has shown that the Democratic Party does not govern according to liberal values and the Republican Party did not govern according conservative values from 2001 to 2009.

The point being, that politics and the political parties have one priority above all others, and that is power and holding onto it. All other conservative and liberal values fall by the wayside when butting heads with success on election day and controlling the power of government. Both parties, when they achieve the majority, immediately set about the task of repaying their campaign and party contributors with legislative and regulatory agendas that favor those contributors, regardless of how much damage such payback may impose on the nation and future of of Americans.

Neither Party adheres to conservative or liberal principles when in power, due to this very elementary dynamic of our American political and campaign financing system. Republicans grew government vastly larger and in a shorter time than Democrats have or did before them. The majority of Democrats in the White House and Congress opposed the single payer and Public Options in their Health Care Reform, and put bailing out the corporations far ahead of bailing out the consumers and wage earners when they arrived in power.

Republicans could have stopped illegal immigration. They didn't, for one simple reason. Their party contributors refused to give up cheap labor for their meat packing plants, farms and ranches, and hospitality industries using cheap non-English speaking labor for maid and janitorial services. You are right, Democrats refuse to halt illegal immigration due to their belief that most illegals who can achieve legal status will become Democratic voters. Neither Party has the will to halt illegal immigration at the federal level, because the wealthy special interests funding their party campaigning don't want it halted. That is the challenge set before America's voters. The parties do not serve the American people at large, or the nation and its future. They serve the wealthy campaign contributor's interests. Pure and simple.

These divorces between the parties when they get the power of majority, and the conservative or liberal principles they campaign on, is the reason registered independent voters now outnumber either registered Republicans or Democrats. For me, the most fundamental question facing American voters is NOT whether they should be liberal or conservative, but, how they can wrest control of their representatives from the powerful campaign financing interests that fund their elections. There, lies the reason the GOP is not conservative when governing, expanding Medicare Rx Drug entitlements, doubling the national debt in 8 years, and funding tax dollars to religious institutions despite the separation of church and state doctrine set down in the Federalist Papers and Constitution prohibiting the States's election of state sponsored religion. There lies the reason the Democratic Party refuses to promote national health care for all, cutting dramatically health care costs which now threaten to bankrupt America over the next decade and a half. The reason Guantanamo is still open for business, and the reason private contractors are still complementing our military with services that were traditionally done cheaper by our military, historically.

It is foolish to look to the Democratic Party for liberal principles in government, and equally foolish to look to the GOP for conservative principles in their government. Voters have the Constitutional power to force these parties to observe the principles of their constituents with the anti-incumbent vote. Fortunately, it appears from the polling, that a rapidly growing segment of voters are now willing to exercise that power granted to them by the concept of suffrage.

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