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money in ballot boxThe Disclose Act bill will require full disclosure by corporations and labor unions who exercise their new found right to control American elections by buying up the media channels and campaigning for, or against, individual candidates. This right was defined by our activist conservative Supreme Court in the case of "Citizens United v FEC" a few months ago. The Disclose Act does not go near far enough to prevent corporations and labor unions from owning election outcomes. It is however, an important first step in the right direction.

confederate-flag.jpgPut a John Wingnut in a room with 6 doors. Every door leads back into the same room, paired to another of the other 5 doors. As John Wingnut approaches door #5, it dawns on him that the remaining two doors may be no more liberating than the previous ones. His anger and frustration are now building to high levels, but, doors 5 and 6 are tried, nonetheless. Now, John Wingnut is going crazy and is racking his brain for any other option. He wants out. All doors lead back to the same room. John Wingnut now so hates this room, he will destroy it to get himself free of it.


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