Republicans Have Gone Anti-America

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GOP Message - Courtesy: FlickrThe Republican Party, also known as the Grand Old Party, or GOP, has evolved from a very pro-America Party in in 1994, to an anti-America Party through the last decade, taking giant strides in that direction since Americans threw them out of power in 2008. Greed, duplicity, anger, vengeance, and paranoia have taken over the group think psychology of Republicans in Congress, as well as a great many of the remaining supporters of the GOP. It is time the GOP be labeled for what its member's actions demonstrate.

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Even the GOP's website (link above) demonstrates its loss of priorities and focus on the purpose of a political party in America. Good business web site design standards have organizations putting their key purpose and reason for existence boldly at the top center of their web site's entry page. What does the GOP have top and center of theirs? Consuming most of the front web site page real estate is a Sales Promotion for partisan junk; buttons, T-shirts, key rings, ties, elephants and bumper stickers. The GOP's web site speaks to their focus, getting supporters money while getting supporters to advertise their the GOP brand, for free. The GOP web site has become that of a brand retailer centered on sales, not governance.

But, in Congress today, and the RNC cultural infrastructure, the GOP is selling anti-America behavior in opposition to democracy, in opposition to good governance, in opposition to government itself, in opposition to the concept of integrity and logical common sense, and in favor of vengeance acted out toward the Democrats and public at large for having thrown them out of power.

Unbridled passion and emotion are the enemy of reason and sanity; so say Eastern philosophies and Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame. More specifically, as David at writes: "Money doesn't come in exchange for passion, it comes in exchange for what other people value." The Republican Party and many conservatives, act as though money alone will bring them back into power.

But, what of value, besides mutual anger fests, contradiction, and conflicting rhetoric, does the GOP have to offer? For those in our society who are angry at their government for whatever reasons, the Republican Party is offering support of that anger. But, protracted anger is inherently unhealthy physically and psychologically. Most Americans will not choose to remain in a Party of hostile passions, bent on obstruction and vengeance toward others for the GOP's self-created woes.

This poses an enormous problem for Republicans as their passions translate into actions of disdain for government and democracy. America can't be separated from its government. Our constitutional government is what defines our history and culture and in large part underwrites who we are as a people today. But, Republicans are on the war path against American government.

Republican Supreme Court appointees and conservative justices just weeks ago ruled to allow corporations to use their enormous billions of dollars of profits to campaign for or against candidates for elected office, literally opening the door for a marriage between the Republican Party and corporate rule of American government. Everywhere on the campaign trail Republicans are heard denouncing big government promising to get rid of government programs and services which make all of American's lives more secure and safe from predatory behaviors by those like Bernie Madoff or Timothy McVeigh, who serve greed or nurture hate toward America and its government.

Republicans are mired in a logical trap of their own making. In fostering hate of government, they are fostering hate toward America which is inseparable from the government that defines it. And in demonstrating contempt for government services and programs, which they want to cut, they are displaying contempt for the American public and voters who are served by Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid. These are many of the same Americans who took majority power away from Republicans in the 2006 and 2008 elections, for doubling national debt, leaving the economy in shambles, and making entitlements and government health care spending an even more urgent and threatening issue.

Democrats had their power taken away, and they worked long and hard to court the American people's demands and restore the people's faith in Democrat's respect for democracy (will of the people), as well as to earn their confidence in Democrats willingness to address the massive debt and deficits and torn economy left behind by Republican rule. Of course, deficits have always been the government's response to economic recessions since The Great Depression. So, Democrats are in a box, overcome the recession through deficit spending, and fight deficits and debt growth, at the same time.

What are Republicans doing to win back confidence and trust? NADA! Nothing, except to poison the well of bi-partisanship and taking every opportunity to deny tax payers a functional government that can work for them.

Holding up health care reform, holding up Obama's agency head nominations, holding up environmental protection legislation (Cap N Trade), and holding up virtually every other attempt by Democrats to fulfill their campaign promises to the people, except escalation in Afghanistan, is what Republicans are doing. This does not engender trust or confidence, and the polls show it in abysmal approval ratings of the GOP.

Republicans who supported trying terrorists in our courts when they had power, now scream Democrats doing the same are aiding and abetting the terrorists. Republicans who nearly doubled the national debt through deficit spending, much of it off-budget so the public wouldn't know as much, now scream about Democrats deficit spending to recover the economy. Republicans who expanded the Medicare entitlement program with the Rx drug plan paid for through borrowing and deficits, now scream at Democrats for trying to drive down health care and Medicare costs, paid for without deficit spending. Republicans who defended Bush against criticism of the Far Left calling such critics disloyal and traitors to America, now attack Obama as a socialist, communist, terrorist, and quite literally, Un-American questioning his birth certificate published in Hawaiian newspapers.

These Republican hypocrisies and Janus faced positions in total contradiction point to the GOP's evolved philosophy as becoming anti-America, anti-democracy, and anti-government. Their insistence on torture and demands for double standards in our justice system for trying the accused stand in stark contradiction and contempt for America's Constitution, treaties, and laws. Using the filibuster to halt government in its tracks, not only damages our nation and future and prevents us from solving the challenges before us as a nation, but, it also promotes and stands for rule by the elite minority, to serve that minority's ends, which is about as anti-democracy as any Party can get in America.

Only Republican supporters can exert the necessary pressure on the GOP to force it to rectify its deplorable state, and turn back this ideological evolution toward anti-government, anti-democracy, anti-America behavior and positions. Many Republicans are trying to stop their GOP leadership from engaging in these anti-America activities, in the hopes that one day, their Party may begin to restore public confidence and trust in it again. This civil war within the GOP, however, is damaging our nation's ability to solve problems, along with the efficacy of the Grand Old Party. And the Tea Bagger supporters and independent voters would be foolhardy indeed to support Republicans on Election Day, Nov. 2, if clear headed leadership and fostering American strength and vitality is their aim.

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