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H-Care-Summit.jpgThe Health Care Summit with Pres. Obama and select Congressional individuals of the Donkey and Elephant persuasion, was obviously well prepared for by both sides. Each had their scripts well crafted, and lines rehearsed like veteran Shakespearian actors. It was as predicted, political theater at its worst.

health-care-reform-sign.jpgLast night, Sen. Jay Rockefeller announced he would not likely support a Public Option reform through the Reconciliation process (a process by which different legislation passed by the House and Senate, can be reconciled and bypass a Senate filibuster with 51 votes.) That announcement, for all intents and purposes, spells the death knell for the reconciliation push to pass health care reform with a Public Option. Sen. Rockefeller has been a strong supporter of the Public Option. He expressed his reservations, leaving a bit of room to change his mind, but, it is hard to imagine what would, given his arguments against it.

Bayh & Nuclear Bombshells

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AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Obama with Bayh.jpg Two bombshell news stories occurred back to back this morning. Sen. Evan Bayh announces he will not run for reelection, and Pres. Obama announces $8.3 billion in federal loan guarantees for America's first new nuclear power plant in nearly 3 decades. The import and aftermath of these two news announcements strike at the heart of what is broken in American politics, demanding repair, or inviting failure.

GOP Message - Courtesy: FlickrThe Republican Party, also known as the Grand Old Party, or GOP, has evolved from a very pro-America Party in in 1994, to an anti-America Party through the last decade, taking giant strides in that direction since Americans threw them out of power in 2008. Greed, duplicity, anger, vengeance, and paranoia have taken over the group think psychology of Republicans in Congress, as well as a great many of the remaining supporters of the GOP. It is time the GOP be labeled for what its member's actions demonstrate.

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