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boxers.jpgCongress is back in session. Oh, how the speeches are flowing on C-Span 1 and 2. Some of it sounds wonderful. All of it sounds as deeply partisan as the Grand Canyon. But, there are clues that what is to come of it all, may have some real benefit for the American people and their future. Here are some positive things I am hearing in all that 'speechifying'.

Unhappy Face.jpgThe overarching result of the 2010 elections was that American voters are not happy with the speed of the economic recovery, nor with either of the two political parties. Their votes registered these complaints. Republicans won a majority in the House absent the predicted Tsunami in their favor, and were denied the Senate majority. Democrats were in control while the nation attempted to recover from the worst Recession, begun under Pres. G.W. Bush, since the Great Depression. That recovery was not broad enough, or fast enough for voters, and their votes registered that complaint.

Party leaders, analysts, and political pundits are trying to make sense of the polling data, but, they simply can't. They want to predict November's race outcomes, but, they can't. The growing anti-incumbent movement is the reason.

TedStevens.jpgFormer Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska died this morning in an airplane crash. He lived a full life, and many will say he did much to expand the economy of Alaska through the use of federal dollars. For many Alaskans, Ted Stevens was a heroic political figure. All this true and said, Ted Stevens' way of governing, seemingly appropriate for his time in the Senate, is now one of America's greatest liabilities and challenges to overcome. May Ted Stevens and his way of governing rest in peace. The time for fundamental change is well passed due.

Louisiana Oil Wash.jpgPut aside the finger pointing. Let's look to a permanent solution to British Petroleum's catastrophe and others which will surely follow if the status quo prevails. The heart of the problem is not difficult to grasp, and the solution rests with the voters.

Fiorina-Angry.jpgGOPUSA has emailed a campaign advertisement letter from Carly Fiorina (R), running to unseat California's Senator Barbara Boxer (D). The ad is an insult to voter's intelligence, and Fiorina is doing the insulting, herself. Before analyzing this ad, let it be said now, that this type of insulting ad is typical of politician's ads from both the major and third parties. Fiorina however, should know better than to insult voter intelligence in a bid for their vote.

donkey-elephant race.jpgIn today's business news, Ford sales rise 25% as auto manufacturers see growth in year over year sales. Manufacturing sees 9th straight month of growth. Consumer spending rises for 6th straight month.

VoidAdVert[1].JPGSo, you are disappointed with the way Democrats and Republicans have ruined our government and our nation's future, are you? There are options. But, to make a wise choice before investing time and money in another organization, pay close attention to what these other organizations underlying philosophy is, because it will shape how they intend to change things. Tea Party - government is the enemy of freedom! Coffee Party - government should be an ally of the people. Vote Out Incumbents Democracy - government is what the voters allow it to be.

For years, I have advocated for independent voters to unite around the ant-incumbent strategy. Pres. Obama won as the challenger to the Bush/Republican years, riding the wave of disapproving independent voters. He won with 53% of the vote, and his approval rating remains in that ball park, depending on what poll you look at. The off-year gubernatorial races in 2009 were dominated by anti-incumbent independent voters. And now, in an historically Democratic State, Democrats lost and a Republican shall take the late Ted Kennedy's seat. Are the Parties acknowledging this wake up call?

Some Republicans are calling for Term Limits of those in Congress. When you are done laughing your arse off, please continue reading. Term Limits were in the Contract With America, offered by Republicans in 1994. As soon as Republicans acquired the majority in government to enact term limits, the entire issue was never spoken of by the GOP again. Until now, that is. Now, that they are the diminished minority, again.


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