Obama's Afghanistan Decision

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Obama's process, approach, and decision on where we go from here in Afghanistan was outstanding. Gen. Petraeus lauded Obama's process and decision as having gathered all of the assumptions, data, and projections and compared and evaluated them in a deliberative and nuanced way which, no other process could have permitted. Gen. McCrystal says he is 100% behind both the number of troops and the time line to begin withdrawal. Australia and the head of NATO applaud Obama's decision.

I say, because neither the Left nor the Right are pleased with the decision, and that Afghanistan remains a dilemma without an optimal solution, Obama has made the best decision possible, given the circumstances he inherited.

The idealogues on the Left fail to see any justification of more lives or economic costs lost on Afghanistan since Pakistan is now the real threat in the region, and Afghanistan will never be a European ally to the U.S. What the Left fails to appreciate is that Afghanistan is where our enemies in Pakistan will go if we withdraw from Afghanistan, and focus our efforts on Pakistan.

The ideologues on the Right fail to appreciate that we cannot afford attempts to nation build Afghanistan into a European ally look-alike country which will, in all likelihood fail, regardless of how many trillions of dollars we invest in that poorest of all nations in the world. Estimates indicate only about 100 al-Queda remain in Afghanistan, and the Taliban can never be eradicated from Afghanistan without a decades long Maoist like reeducation and brainwashing effort following an entire makeover of the nation's economy, creation of modern infrastructure for international trade at the cost of bankrupting our own nation.

I frankly don't see any appealing scenario or outcome in Afghanistan. But, then, I have not been privy to the 9 comprehensive intelligence meetings over the Afghanistan situation, which Obama has been part of. I therefore, acknowledging our presidents having taken all the steps necessary to completely inform himself of all options, defer to his judgment and assessment based on everyone's input, that Afghanistan will never be a country we can be proud of like Japan or Germany after vanquishing their armies.

Given the praise McCrystal and Petraeus are issuing forth to Obama, it is obvious to me Obama has made a decision based on all the best expert advice and intelligence available, and among a set of less than desirable outcomes based in reality, Pres. Obama has chosen a course which best resolves the Afghanistan drain on American resources while producing the best outcome in Afghanistan that can be achieved within our limited resources of manpower and deficits.

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