The Stakes Could NOT Be Higher

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Failure in Washington is not an option. America last year finished its long circular journey from 1940 to return to the precipice of national collapse. Unlike 1929, however, instead of taking that next drop off step, we sidestepped along the edge of the precipice, where we still remain today; at the edge.

The stakes could not be higher in Washington D.C. and for the American people. This much, the Tea Baggers get very accurately, along with the Federal Reserve and economists, and some, but, possibly not enough, in Wash. D.C.'s halls of government. We shall see.

All political and legislative policy issues now lead back to the Economy. Whether it is Afghanistan policy, missile defense in E. Europe, or education and law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services at home, the cost of addressing these issues will impact upon our long term economic future and our ability to survive that future without 1930's type desperation and futility experienced by 100 million Americans or more. Even debates over whether 9/11 planners are warriors or criminals, are costing America precious time. America has far more pressing and consequential demands placed upon our nation, such as, more than doubling the national debt in 9 years and how to stop that growth, fighting wars on multiple fronts against all wisdom of military history, and untold numbers of failures to address domestic economic and infrastructure needs, roadways, education, and waste and water transport,
in a timely, and far less costly fashion.

Those hoping for a divided Congress in 2010 have very short memories. The Congress between 2006 and 2008 was a politically divided Congress which killed Pres. Bush's legislative agenda, and caused both Democrats and Republicans in the Congress to wear the despicable label in the press of the "Do Nothing Congress". And every indication to date indicates another Do Nothing Congress is precisely what we will have in 2011 and 2012. Which means, if any of America's difficult long term systemic problems are to be resolved, they must be resolved in the next 12 months. One year is a pitifully short period of time to attempt to restructure oversight, accountability, and transparency on Wall St., restore jobs and economic activity for approximately 14 million unemployed, and create health care reform which will avert the disastrous consequence of bankrupting the middle class and poor in the future and the American economy along with it.

The delay and obfuscation tactics of Republicans in Congress are wasting America's precious time and resources to address our nation's major priorities. The Democrat's succumbing to the corporate interests and lobbyists is so compromising reform efforts, as to render some of them more harmful than helpful; as in the case of Banking System reform which, current Committee bills utterly and completely fail to reform at all by reinstating the essential provisions of the Glass Steagal Act, and overturning the economically lethal provisions in the Gramm Leach Bliley Act. These bills also completely fail to address breaking up these Too-Big-To-Fail financial institutions, which only perpetuates the threat they posed to our nation, and the world, in 2008.

Rep. Boehner is right when he said this week that there is a rebellion occurring in America. However, his political myopia completely misses the mark in attempting to identify that rebellion. The thrust of his argument is that Americans are moving toward the GOP and conservative ideology. The empirical evidence doesn't support his argument. The empirical evidence coming from polls and off year elections demonstrate that the rebellion underway is against BOTH the Democratic and Republican Parties, and toward a more individual candidate choice not based on party affiliation but, voter's confidence in that candidate's proposed solutions to the problems voters face locally and nationally. The dramatic increase in Independent voters and losses of momentum in growth of registered Democrats and Republicans stands as stark evidence of this fact.

The problem for America in addressing solutions to its challenges is that this new majority of self-identified Independent voters lacks any cohesive or consistent approach to political solutions. They even lack any kind of cohesive Independent Party to represent them as a new voter block majority. This does not bode well for the direction of America's future in the short term. It would appear the only common traits Independent voters share as a voting block is their growing propensity to vote anti-incumbent, and their rapidly growing distrust of both major political parties. How does America build a consensus in policy approach based on this paucity of shared Independent voter traits?

Pres. Obama has come closest to answering this question in any kind of meaningful way when he built his campaign on the concept of change. Change in policy did appeal to the majority of independent voters in 2008. But, now that changes are taking shape in the form of legislation, that unity behind change has quickly splintered, especially amongst independent voters. A majority of Americans acknowledge and agree that health care reform is mandatory to saving their own middle class financial future as well as the nation's economic future. But, finding a 50% plus one majority amongst Independents for the current legislative proposals for health care reform is like finding a dropped penny in Mammoth Cave without any light, whatsoever.

Historically, in times of great peril and threat to the nation and her future, Americans have in 5 years or less, found resolutions that could rescue that future for all. While such history offers up hope that Americans and their leaders will once again rise to the occasion before it is too late, one is hard pressed to identify the mechanics of just how such a rescue is even conceivable, given the current political lack of will by America's leaders to even embrace the changes which are called for by the challenges facing the nation and people.

The wealthiest in America will be largely immune from the collapse of the American economy and its devastating effects on the America public. Yet, it is a common perception of the non-wealthy population that these very same individuals are in control of the process of designing America's future direction and fate. The anxiety and sense of foreboding which this creates in the American public is why the polling of government policy and direction are so negative. And the public is rebelling in a several ways.

The Tea Baggers represent one form of rebellion. The 8 fold increase in the savings rate is another, which is in many ways a very positive form of rebellion except for the drag it places on climbing away from the economic recession experienced this year and the 10.2 percent falsely stated unemployment number which in reality, considering all categories of the unemployed, now rests around 22% give or take a few percent. Desertion from the registered voter rolls of the GOP and Democratic Party are another form of rebellion. The growing number of American citizens choosing to live overseas is another form. And the most devastating form of rebellion shows up in the rising drop out rate from our schools, employment system, and the rise of homelessness which increasingly represents a rise in hopelessness amongst American citizens, a percentage of which is made up of former armed forces veterans.

These are the signs of our times, which the media does not want to cover, the government and politician's don't want voters to be aware of, and which extremists wish to exploit for their own power and recognition development. Hopelessness preceded the decimation of the American Indian tribes by Manifest Destiny. Hopelessness preceded the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and grew throughout the Viet Nam War. Hopelessness pervaded the Jim Crow era, and founded the fear base for the rise of the Red Scare and McCarthy era in the 1940's and 1950's when Americans feared those they could not identify but feared were walking amongst them in disguise.

The stakes could not be higher. If Americans embrace hopelessness, America's challenges will go unsolved and our future will be horribly diminished by it. The alternative is that Americans shun hopelessness, and begin making demands and holding to account the leadership of our nation using their email, their phones, and their votes.

The hope lies in Americans rediscovering their power over their leaders by revoking such leadership roles until the replacement leaders respond to the American people's demands for better. I disagree with the information base and premises of the Tea Baggers, but, I must admire and commend their activism and taking charge of their own fate and future in this country as American citizens. If the majority of Americans in this country will allow themselves to become equally active in demanding better than what we are now getting from our leaders, hope can yet guide the design of America's future.

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