Dem's Can't Walk Both Sides of Amnesty Fence

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Amnesty and turning a blind eye to illegal immigration either is, or isn't, charitable. Democrats cannot have it both ways. If it is charity, then Democrats must keep our borders open to all the people of the world including China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, wherever people are oppressed or hungry for a better life. If amnesty is however, a billboard welcoming all indiscriminately to fulfill their dreams here, then there are laws which must apply, and only legal immigration of designated individuals are to pass through our borders. Amnesty without secure borders is an act against American sovereignty, economy, and security.

Which is it going to be Democrats? Open our borders to potential spies and terrorists without processing, which another amnesty establishes as defacto policy or, finish the border barrier and enforce it, insuring only the smallest number of individuals come across our borders without invitation, and are tracked from point of origin. Failure to establish border security while promoting defacto amnesty compounds the complexity of the issue, the danger to our nation, and the cost of dealing with the illegal immigration threat, both real and perceived.

Amnesty without effective border enforcement is an invitation to the world to come on in, creating a river of needy people which will conceal a smaller number of the the worst of mankind coming in with nothing but the most evil intentions for Americans at their schools, places of work, and in their stadiums. Amnesty with effective border enforcement that allows pinpointing and tracking illegal entrants from their point of origin addresses the future need for national security. But, it does nothing to bring the current lot of anonymous immigrants under surveillance and scrutiny to determine if their reason for being here is work, crime, or war against Americans.

Republicans shuffled this issue into the future. Refusing to raise taxes and spending like there was no tomorrow led to a doubling of the national debt and made border security too expensive and low a priority to deal with effectively. The ball on border security is now in the Democrat's court. So far, the border barriers continue to be built but, at a low priority leisurely pace, same as when Republicans were in power.

Some argue, but with the absence of jobs in America, the flow has fallen off and many illegal immigrants are heading back to their home country. Fine, but, those illegal immigrants seeking to harm America are not among those returning home. And they are not just terrorists, but illegal drug growers, dealers, enforcers, pimps, slavers, and Mexican drug cartel sub-bosses. Vice is still very profitable in America and those seeking opportunity in our black markets and underground economy are still coming to America. And that underground economy is costing law abiding tax payers 10's of billions of dollars each year.

So, what's it going to be, Democrats? Are you going to provide America an effective solution to our illegal immigration threats and undermining of our law, sovereignty, and deficits? Or, are you going to play Republican and kick that can down the road for Republicans to use on election day against you with Independent voters? Illegal immigration and unsecured borders may not be a high priority for Democrats, but, it sure is to a large segment of Independent voters, and to be blunt, Democrats can't retain their current power in the Congress and White House without independent voters. That is a fact and reality you ignore at your party's peril.

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