Bernanke & Kennedy: American Strength

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EdwardKennedy.jpgThe passing of Edward (Teddy) Kennedy last night, marks the closing of a long and challenging career in the U.S. Senate, and opens the door for a new generation to take up that role of governance. This peaceful transition of power, unlike that of JFK, marks one of America's great strengths.

BenBernanke.jpgThe reappointment of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, a conservative in my estimation, by our Democrat President Obama, also marks a great strength in American government. The ability of some in our political system to see beyond partisan labels, and make decisions based on their best estimation of what will be best for the nation, is a pillar of strength in American government, longing for the company of adjacent pillars in the same mold to support our nation's weighty future.

Certainly, Edward Kennedy and Ben Bernanke have their critics and champions. Their legacies will be argued for decades into the future. America's ability however, to accommodate peaceful, non-violent passing of leadership from one generation to the next, one politician to the next, and one civil servant to the next, as the rule and not the exception, is a true strength in the American system. It is not sufficient to insure a stable and sustainable future, but, it contributes in a large way toward that end.

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