Conservative Attempts to Kill America

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The single greatest threat to America's economic future is health care costs. Without health care reform:

  • more than 100 million Americans will be without health insurance over the next 10 to 20 years
  • the cost of Medicare/Medicaid will bankrupt the U.S. Government by forcing borrowing to the breaking point
  • consumers in 10 years will be spending so much on health care and insurance premiums that they will have little left for discretionary spending, and that will tank economic activity, deepening the government's losses in revenues.

Many conservatives are intent on preventing health care reform, and in so doing, killing America's economic future, and for what? For political advantage to themselves in the short term.

On the other side of the critique, watch out for Democrats insuring illegal aliens in their reform bill. To date, Rep. Waxman chairing one of the Committees has been arguing to do just that, saying it is not feasible to ask Americans to show proof of citizenship for medical insurance or treatment. And as far as I can tell, the House version contains no exclusions for illegal residents obtaining public tax dollar paid health insurance.

The Center for Individual Freedom, a sponsor of GOPUSA, sent out an email today stating the following:

Nancy Pelosi's House Democrats, along with a handful of Republicans-in-Name-Only, were holding secret closed-door meetings in a last ditch effort to ram ObamaCare down the throats of the American people before they left town.

You read that right... despite widespread opposition from the American people, they actually tried to sneak ObamaCare past us before they left town for their summer vacation.

Anthony G. Martin, in an article published by The Washington Examiner, gives perhaps the best description on what is going on right now:

"It doesn't take an enormous amount of digging to see what's going on here. The self-styled 'rulers' who now run Washington seem intent on ramming through legislation that no one has read and that even Barack Obama had great difficulty explaining... The ultra-liberal Democratic leadership, along with the 'blue dog Dems' and the RINOS (Republicans in Name Only') would like nothing better than to foist upon an unsuspecting public a multi-trillion-dollar healthcare fiasco, complete with rationing, just so they can fulfill some sort of ideological obligation in their demented, brainwashed minds that 'government must take care of ALL of the needs of the people."

The non-stop fallacies and lies and misinformation and distortion contained in these few statements are overflowing. Since when did House Democrats become the progeny of Nancy Pelosi? She is a Grandmother, to be sure, but, none of the House Democrats are related to her. There is nothing lockstep in Democrats approach to this health care reform, as evidenced by The Chicago Tribune's article today which states:

After months of marching in line as senior Democrats worked with the White House to develop health care legislation, liberal members of Congress from solidly Democratic districts are threatening a revolt that could doom President Barack Obama's bid to sign a major health care bill this year.

In the House, liberals are furious at their leaders for striking a deal with conservative Democrats that would weaken the proposal to create a new government insurance program, a dream long cherished on the left.

So, CFIF's claim about Pelosi's one big happy Democratic Party for health care reform in the House is a lie, and as fallcious as it gets in politics. The claim that Democrats are trying to ram health care reform down citizen's throats is also demonstrated as a pure lie, as polls show 70% of Americans acknowledging the need for health care reform, including 50% of Republicans. CFIF and GOPUSA are conflating polls regarding the public's demand for health care reform with entirely different polling which shows Obama's approval rating on his handling of the health care reform legislation has been dropping. Those polls don't ask the public whether Obama is doing too much, too little, or whether his leadership on the issue with Congress is appropriate or not. That poll only indicates the public's dissatisfaction with Obama's handling of the issue. Future polling may show the public believes Obama should be more active with the Congress on this reform, or the reverse. The poll does not indicate either way.

The fact is, Americans do want health care reform. The shape it takes and what effects such reform will carry for them, is no doubt a part of the public's concerns. Considering the conservative's all out efforts to sow lies, misinformation, and fear over the issue, it is no surprise public concern over reform is rising. But, if those concerns are rising as a result of false implications like CFIF's statement: "despite widespread opposition from the American people", then conservatives are responsible for killing America's economic future with lies. There is NOT widespread opposition by the American people over the need for health care reform. In fact, 8 out of 10 Americans could not even describe what form the Democrat's reform legislation is taking. One can't be opposed to something one knows nothing about, especially when polls show Americans favor health care reform in general.

CFIF's lies and misinformation are being repeated throughout the conservative organization's marketing and advertising against ANY kind of health care reform that ANY Democrats would support. And the reason should be quite obvious. If Democrats succeed in fulfilling this majority demand by the public to reform health care by lowering long term costs, saving the economy, and preserving choice through a public insurance option, Democrats will have succeeded in keeping a major campaign promise which would not bode well for conservatives in the elections in 2010 and 2012. We have here a classic case of putting politics ahead of the needs of the nation and the American people.

When CFIF quotes the Wa. Examiner's Anthony Martin saying: " The self-styled 'rulers' who now run Washington"..., they are engaging in misinformation; as if Republicans previously in control were not "self-styled rulers" by their own definition. This is pure sophistry. It is an empty to critique without meaning. And it is fallacious on its face. These Congress people did not elect themselves to rule, they were elected by the voters of the United States, to govern and represent the people. When the polls show the American people are demanding health care reform that secures voter's access to affordable health care that can't be taken away, and Congress attempts to provide such reforms, it is a lie to represent and imply that such action is authoritarian rule and self-styled.

And the lies keep on coming. Martin says: [The Congress] "would like nothing better than to foist upon an unsuspecting public a multi-trillion-dollar healthcare fiasco...." More lies and misinformation. CBO scored the cost at 1 trillion dollars, and then Congress revised the bill down to 900 billion. So, when Martin writes 'multi-trillion', he is engaging in deliberately false information designed to scare the American public away from the very thing they want for themselves and their children's future, affordable, sustainable access to health care that can't be taken away, denied, or rejected for pre-existing conditions or lack of employment.

Republicans are still claiming this is a bill they don't have time to read. Well, they are going on vacation, and the votes won't come until they return. We tax payers are paying them enough and providing them with great health insurance, so, wouldn't it be wonderful if Republicans went on vacation and took the bill with them to read? At the very least, we should call them out as liars if they return and say they have not had time to read the bill. They did. Whether they chose to or not, was their choice.

Ladies and gentlemen, America cannot afford NOT to pass health care reform. We have enormous other pressing issues to deal with and we must put this biggest threat to our economy behind us so we can move on to deal with the other threats, like Social Security. Allan Sloan, writer for Fortune magazine has an incredibly illuminating article on the Social Security threat facing us as the next major bailout. We simply must address and resolve these issues threatening our national economy and government solvency of be buried in poverty and unemployment and hunger in America by our inability to act.

China's economy is growing at 7 to 8%, while ours, though improving, is still mired at a negative 1 percent growth rate (2nd Quarter, 2009). Our ability to compete in the global market place depends directly on our government's ability to remain solvent, cut health care deficit spending dramatically in the decades to come, and insure a well educated and healthy work force now, and in decades to come, if we are not to be left with our hands out begging to the International Monetary Fund for funds to feed starving, unemployed Americans and senior citizens and children 20 years from now.

It is the height of folly for Americans to fail to distinguish between rational debate on the merits and costs of actual reform legislation and the politically motivated lies, misinformation, and deceptions of those who lost power due to their inability and unwillingness to address these very same issues when their side was in power. I don't like the Democratic Party anymore than I like the GOP. But, most of the Democrats and a few Congressional Republicans are actually trying to save our nation from ruin by putting together a health care reform bill that will solve far more problems for Americans and our nation, than it creates. We elected them, and we should support their efforts in trying to fulfill our demand for affordable, sustainable, and available health care in America for ourselves and most importantly, for our children who as yet, don't have a say in the matter.

There is no such thing as a perfect health care reform bill. Whatever is passed, no matter how successful and vastly improved over the current bankrupting system, will create opponents, whether they be anarchists protesting even the existence of any government at all, or insurance companies who would be forced to reduce their 400% increase in profits over the last decade, or Republicans who absolutely must defeat ANY health care reform while Democrats are in power, in order to maintain their hopes for a path back to power again. But these opponents cannot be allowed to defeat America, Americans, and our economic future.

This is not a time for Americans to become suckers for lies, misinformation, and deception for political purposes. This is a time to stand up for our nation's economic preservation and a future of hope and strength by passing health care reform that insures universal insurance coverage for all Americans, that doesn't bankrupt our future as the current system is doing, and which even improves America's quality of health care for Americans, which current proposals provide for following the Veteran's Administration's outstanding model of patient centered record keeping and consultation amongst health care professionals.

This legislation won't be perfect. But, it can and will be vastly better than the broken and bankrupting system we have now, if Americans will support America's future by supporting sound health care reform. We have other problems waiting to be addressed. Let's get on with this and move forward to a better future, not a dead one created by political opportunists and liars.

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