Sarah Palin Resigns Governorship

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Sarah Palin - Times Online.jpgDoes one pat her on the back, or ballyhoo her for reneging on her contract with Alaskan voters to represent their interests, instead of her own? In her inexplicable announcement, delivered in her unique meandering, hyper, and hop-scotch spontaneous manner of public speaking, she has left NY Times writers scratching their heads as to what her reasons and motives really are.

I like to think the best of folks in the absence of evidence to the contrary. I will therefore tentatively pat her on the back for courage. When one is elevated to their level of incompetence, it takes an extraordinary courage to admit the truth of it and remedy the situation. If Gov. Palin is in fact, remedying this Peter Principle episode in her life, I must admire her integrity and courage to amend the situation.

The move is angering many Republicans for several different reasons. According to the NY Times link, some Republicans are saying this move underlines just how erratic she is. Some of her supporters, no doubt hail the move as preparation to run for president in 2012. Alaskans paid good tax dollars to conduct an election to determine their governor through 2010. They may feel cheated now as the Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, steps into the executive office.

Soon to be ex-governor Palin, said in a twitter yesterday afternoon: ""We'll soon attach info on decision to not seek re-election ... This is in Alaska's best interest, my family's happy ... It is good, stay tuned." Earlier she reported that her family took a vote on the resignation, ""Four yeses and one 'Hell, yeah!' " she said.

It is hard to imagine however, how after resigning from the governorship because the heat in the kitchen was too much, she could ever overcome this resignation in pursuit of the presidency of the United States in 2012. If the presidency is in her sights, it seriously calls into question her capacity for sound judgment. If she thought the scrutiny and pressures of being governor and losing a bid for V.P. was too tough to permit staying out her term in office, why would she set her sights on the presidency? Yet, that is what some are speculating she may be doing.

One form of political calculus by Palin for President supporters goes like this: In 2012, the nation's debt will be larger than ever before, the economy will be back on its feet, but taxes will be going ever higher as far into the future as the eye can see, and folks will have had quite enough of Pres. Obama's moderate left compromised half measures which solved little and cost taxpayers a fortune for the rest of their lives. This, her supporters no doubt believe, will be fertile ground for a Presidential Sarah Palin campaign. She would bring with her the social and religious right, some of the fiscally conservative independent and Republican voters, and possibly even some blue dog Democrats, to create a narrow margin of victory over Pres. Obama, the reasoning may go.

It is a very odd and interesting turn of events her resignation as governor of Alaska. But, then, the GOP has seen a great many odd and interesting turns since losing so much ground in the 2008 elections. Even Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota announced last month that he would not seek re-election when his term expired in 2010, as he considers a race for president. It seems the GOP is always on the lookout for presidential candidates who have experience with considerable negative press, as has been the case with Pawlenty and Palin.

Some in the GOP however, have some choice words about quitters. This comment yesterday about Palin's announcement is an example. "Good point guards don't quit and walk off the floor if the going gets tough... Today's move falls further into the weirdness category; people don't like a quitter," said John Weaver, a former senior strategist for Mr. McCain.

I still hold out hope for her, her family's, and the American people's benefit, that Sarah Palin came face to face with her aspirations out distancing her abilities, and she decided to not pretend and hide her dissatisfaction with her own performance, and to seek instead, other aspirations in which she has a greater potential to excel. There is little doubt that Sarah Palin could become a well paid spokesperson and lobbyist on behalf of children, anti-abortion causes, and modern conservative family values. Perhaps that is in her thinking, and if so; she is to be applauded for her courage, internal honesty, and responsibility toward her family and Alaskans.

If, on the other hand, she has decided free herself for loftier political ambitions, she shall reap the just desserts of her Peter Principled aspirations. Sarah Palin shares many attributes with former Pres. George W. Bush, and there is no doubt her opponents will waste little time drawing the parallels for all to ponder, should her move today reveal that she has set her sights on the White House.

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