House Passes Energy Climate Bill

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The House narrowly passed what has long been considered to be an impossible bill to push through during a recession. It was bi-partisan in its passage, as 8 Republicans voted for it, and 44 Democrats voted against it. However, this sweeping energy innovation and climate protection bill, faces a short life as it heads to the Senate later this year.

Conservatives have been railing at fever pitch that this bill will tax businesses out of existence or into moving overseas, and consumers will wind up footing thousands of extra dollars per year in energy costs. Of course, to arrive as such stark numbers they had to presume that everything that could possibly go wrong over the next 10 years, will.

Liberals have been screaming the Big E word, asking what good is money if your kids will die of toxins and pollution, and become bankrupt at the hands of the foreign oil monopolies? Yes, liberals say, it will cost and additional $111 per average family per year over time, but, the greenhouse gases will be curtailed, the air will become more breathable and everyone will breathe easier.

As with all such partisan debates which result in policy, time will tell who was predominantly right and wrong. We may never know on this debate however, as the Senate, deeper in the pockets of the corporate world for their reelection campaign funding than House members, is poised to defeat this bill. Democrats don't appear to have sufficient votes at this moment to pass it in the Senate. Senators in oil, coal, and natural gas producing and refining states, pretty much have the corporate lynching ropes around their necks, regardless of which side of the aisle they vote from.

My retort to those claiming it will cost money is: What higher priorities do you have for spending federal dollars than clean air, energy independence, and finally working with many of the rest of the world's nations on cutting greenhouse emissions from our production and transportation activities? To those who yell there is no proof of global warming I ask: Where's your proof of the God you say you believe in? There is vastly more scientific evidence of global climate change as a result of human activity than there is for the existence of God. A little reason like this however, doesn't stop the naysayers to this bill from screaming the sky is falling.

To the proponents of this bill who say it will be all good, I say: Be careful what you legislate. A measure this sweeping in scope and cost of the decades to come can all too easily become so compromised in the reconciliation committee between the House and Senate versions, as to keep the costs and water down the benefits, ultimately leading more negative consequences than if the bill hadn't been passed at all.

If the American people want this bill to both pass and succeed in its objectives, they must in the millions lean heavy on their Senator's phones, emails, and local district offices demanding that the bill not be compromised one iota in its objectives and timeline for achievements, and absolutely no exceptions are to be permitted to the industries lobbying against the House version. If the American people sit back now, and allow the energy lobbyists to work their will on the Senators, the American people will pay the price and receive little if any of the benefits they hope for.

Conservatives and Liberals alike should be joining to insure that this bill, if it is to pass, is passed in a form as to maximize its objectives. Those include the eventual lowering of energy costs for all Americans. This is an investment bill.

Done right, our children will reap the benefits of a healthier more sustainable global environment, lower energy costs and higher savings, and independence from foreign monopolies and oligopolies like OPEC. Americans are have a long tradition in investing and this should be a piece of cake. But, I assure you, many with some corporate profits to lose down the road, will try to turn this into mud pie instead, before all is said and done.

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