Kicking the 'Dog'

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Most of us witnessed someone getting angry at someone else they can't strike out at, and going home and kicking the dog, instead. Poor dog. Nancy Pelosi has become the Republican's dog they love to kick because they can't seem to land a blow on Obama. She is a liberal and a female with power in a traditional man's role, and for many Republicans, that makes her the 'bitch' they love to kick if they can't undo Obama.

Nancy_Pelosi.jpegThe Washington Times article entitled, Republicans keep pressure on Pelosi, details the GOP's latest kicking session over 2002 briefings regarding enhanced interrogation techniques (torture). This despite the fact that Dick Cheney was revealed to have personally supervised 4 top secret briefings in 2005 on this topic with Congressional insiders, (presumably to give himself later cover in being able to say he had briefed Congress on the techniques, even if 3 years AFTER they were used).

From a non-partisan perspective, this has all the appearances of kicking the dog. Republican and conservative mouthpieces like Jim Quinn and Neil Boortz have resorted to calling Pelosi a "hag" and "bitch". An RNC video refers to the most powerful woman in the world as "Pussy Galore", referencing a James Bond Goldfinger movie in which the female star gets what she wants by giving men what they want.

But, it is not Nancy Pelosi who poses the threat to the GOP's future. That would be Pres. Barack Obama. They should know, and likely do know, that if the economy is on the rebound in Nov. of 2010, and if 2 out of 3 of Obama's major initiatives to provide universal health care coverage, create American energy independence, and dramatically lower the deficits, are showing definite progress by 2012, the Republican Party is not going to regain the White House. After all, it was the Republican Party that said in the 2004 campaign, that it wasn't wise to change horses in mid-stream.

Getting fired and going home to beat up the wife, slap the kids, or kick the dog, is the sign of a very weak person, absent self-control, ruled by their emotions, and dependent entirely upon the magnanimity of others for their feeling of well-being. This is a very sad state for the Republican Party to be in. The sadder because America needs more competitive political parties, not fewer.

Pres. Obama is a one of a kind president, rivaling FDR, JFK, or Ronald Reagan. His unique compliment of talents, skills, and preparation to rise to the presidency at this time of enormous national need for clarity, knowledge, and and vision for our future, is a fortunate, and even serendipitous convergence of events. I point this out to highlight the fact that Pres. Obama's abilities are not so readily found in the Congress of Democrats. Congressional Democrats, are by and large, still the intent on spending federal dollars on an infinite list of items having no priority whatsoever, even in these times of monumental growth in federal debt and deficits.

This is precisely why America needs a strong and appealing Republican and Independent Party, to rein in the undisciplined spread of federal dollars as tokens of love by the Democratic Congress seeking reelection in just 17 months. America, however, has no viable Republican Party capable of commanding public respect and ear to their rhetorical and hypocritical demands for fiscal responsibility. And America has no centralized, moderate, and centrist Independent Party to emulate and reinforce the strengths of Pres. Obama's presidency and reinforce his vision of a more responsible, accountable, and transparent government going forward.

Winston Churchill carried his nation to triumph in WWII before being let go with the dawn of a new era in British history decidedly more liberal than Churchill's preferences. FDR carried the weight of America's woes for a decade before succumbing to the weight of them. And the extraordinary time of Pres. Obama will pass too in less than 8 years, leaving America to muddle along with the incorrigible, inefficient, and largely ineffective Congress of status quo incumbents suckling from the teats of corporate America, wealthy special and individual interests, and borrowing from our children's future to buy the votes of their parents.

America needs the GOP to revolt against the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and find its platform for a strong, affordable future for America that they can, and will, live up to and achieve if elected. America needs a viable Independent Party to keep the other two more honest and accountable to the nation's needs instead of their own personal and political desires. America has many needs these days, but none so dire in the long run as these.

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