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The House narrowly passed what has long been considered to be an impossible bill to push through during a recession. It was bi-partisan in its passage, as 8 Republicans voted for it, and 44 Democrats voted against it. However, this sweeping energy innovation and climate protection bill, faces a short life as it heads to the Senate later this year.

The lines are drawn in all manner of peculiar and gerrymandered shapes around the issue of health care. Seems nearly everyone talking about it is attempting to obfuscate the core issue at hand: For Profit vs. Not-For-Profit health care insurance in America. Incumbents are getting loads of promises, threats, and campaign money for their war chests on this issue.

View image Iran appears to have an American voting problem. They can't seem to use their vote to remove politicians from office. Regardless of how the people vote, the incumbent wins. That is the claim of many in Iran.

Wise Voting?

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In a democracy, is there such a thing as wise voting? And if there were, wouldn't a majority of voters vote accordingly?

The answers are, Yes and No, respectively. Here's why.

What an incredibly controversial topic education is in America. Any attempt to discuss education in a public forum usually devolves into debate and heated contention. The reason is that a great many Americans don't trust others to educate their children, and many a school personnel are witness to some horrible parenting at home.

Kicking the 'Dog'

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Most of us witnessed someone getting angry at someone else they can't strike out at, and going home and kicking the dog, instead. Poor dog. Nancy Pelosi has become the Republican's dog they love to kick because they can't seem to land a blow on Obama. She is a liberal and a female with power in a traditional man's role, and for many Republicans, that makes her the 'bitch' they love to kick if they can't undo Obama.


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