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When you are one of more than 300 million people clamoring for a voice in government and the direction of your society, you have to feel you have no voice. But that feeling stems from a lack of awareness or acceptance of the concept of big country democracy. In a large population, democracy moves on the choral voice of groups. If you want your voice heard, you must become a joiner, or become enormously wealthy. Groups and money are heard in a large democracy: usually, only groups and money. What groups have you joined or supported with dollars?

If you have been abused by your credit card companies, don't look to the government for redress of abuses. The legislation which has passed both houses of Congress and making its way to Pres. Obama for signing, offers nothing to those consumers who have already been raped by their credit card banks and companies. The bill offers prophylactic measures only, going forward. Nothing retroactive for the millions hit by usurious rates and fees.


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