Political Reforms Coming. WIll they measure up?

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On Jan. 8, U.S. Representative Steve Israel (D-NY) and U.S. Senator Herb Kohl (D-Wi) introduced the Weekend Voting Act in the Senate and House in an effort to increase voter turnout. This is only 60 years late in coming. Sensing however, that there is a new Sheriff in town who reiterates that he will sign bills that make sense for America, not just bills that make sense for his party, some of the more responsible Representatives in our Congress are going to seize the opportunity to make political reforms never introduced before, but, long overdo, like this one.

Other obvious political reforms needed include:

Single or Specified purpose legislation rules which prohibit tacking on legislation by amendment or Committee process which have no direct relation to the Single or Specified purpose of the original bill.

Hard limits on campaign contributions by individuals and households, in addition to enforcement of bans on corporate or business contributions. Equal political voice can never be perfectly achieved, but, political voice should mean American individual citizen's voices, not corporate and business entities.

Any third party presidential candidates who are on the ballot in 10 or more states should, by law, be allowed to participate in the presidential debates.

New reforms are needed to standardize rules regarding State's handling of ballot access to candidates running for federal office. State's should not have the right to set their own rules permitting them to keep federal candidates off their ballots.

Federal white collar crime with multiple victims over the number of 3 should have mandatory sentencing guidelines that exceed the same crime perpetrated against one individual. Federal crimes committed by lawmakers should carry mandatory sentencing guidelines that exceed the same crime committed by a non lawmaker.

Campaign Finance Reform is seriously flawed and compromised, as outlined in this Wash. Post article by Philip Rucker. This sham leaves loopholes big enough for the Air Force One to fly through with room to spare on all sides. This is an example of how our Congress pretends to the people to be doing the people's business without actually accomplishing anything at all, which harms the people in the long run by perpetuating negative consequences and returns for their tax dollars.

Can you suggest or think of other political reforms that would improve government oversight, accountability, transparency, and efficient responsible use of citizen's tax dollars?

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