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The Green and Libertarian Parties remain the only third party's with any substance in terms of popular voter support. Their results in this election however, marginalized them more than in previous elections, winning fewer seats and generating even less public attention to their message or candidates. Which continues to beg the question: Is a viable third party even possible in federal elections in America?

The answer continues to be a resounding no! Not with Democrats and Republicans controlling the rules and laws regarding campaign financing, presidential debate participation, and ballot access. Not with voters dissatisfied with the controlling duopoly party voting for the other duopoly party. Below is a brief review of what American third parties have to show for this election.

The Libertarian Party may be ashamed of their 2008 election results. Their web site does not appear to provide a recap of their victories, only an apologetic Bush like message heralding their many misses and puny registration numbers as major successes and missions accomplished.

William Redpath, their national chairman had this to say in an open letter:

Even though some people reregistered Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the presidential primaries, the number of voters registered LP nonetheless increased from 225,229 in February 2008 to 243,293 in October 2008.

It is entirely possible that Ron Paul's coattail effect completely undermined the Libertarian Party's efforts to win seats in local and federal offices this election, though there is no mention of any analysis of the LP's results that I could find. In all, it appears to have been a very bad election year for the Libertarian Party.

The Green Party's election results:
(updated 12/01/2008)

Richard Carroll was elected to Arkansas State Legislature, District 34.

Bruce Delgado was elected to Mayor of Marina City, Monterey County, CA (pop. 25,000)

Ross Mirkarimi was re-elected to San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 5 (the old Harvey Milk seat), CA.

John Selawsky was elected to Berkeley School Board, Alameda County, CA.

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap was re-elected to Humboldt Water Board District 1, CA.

Jesse Townley was elected to Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board, Alameda County, CA.

Art Goodtimes was re-elected to San Miguel County Commissioner District 3, CO.

District of Columbia
Philip Blair, Jr was elected to Advisory Neighborhood Commission SMD 5A10, DC.

Dave Bosserman was re-elected to Advisory Neighborhood Commission SMD 1D05, DC.

Nancy Shia was re-elected to Advisory Neighborhood Commission SMD 1C06, DC.

Carolyn Steptoe was elected to Advisory Neighborhood Commission SMD 5A07, DC.

Rick Tingling-Clemmons was re-elected to Advisory Neighborhood Commission SMD 7D05, DC.

Bryan Weaver was re-elected to Advisory Neighborhood Commission SMD 1C03, DC.

Chris Otten was elected to Advisory Neighborhood Commission SMD 1C02, DC.

Cara Jennings was her re-elected to Lake Worth Commissioner, Palm Beach, Fl.

John Eder was elected to Cumberland County Charter Commission, District 1, ME.

Korine Bachleda won her re-election to Newberg Township Clerk, Cass County, MI.

Michael Beilstein was re-elected to Corvallis City Council, Ward 5, OR.

James Nicita was elected to Oregon City Commissioner Position 3, Clackamas County, OR.

South Carolina
Eugene Platt was re-elected to James Island Public Service District, Charleston County, SC.

A Louisiana seat is to be determined on Dec. 6 in which a Green candidate, Malik Rahim, is running.

The Constitution Party whose current claim to infamy is backing investigation of Pres. Elect Barack Obama's birth certificate, which has been produced and published reflecting his birth within the United States, apparently refuses to believe their eyes claiming on their web site that the media is ignoring the issue. Despite claims of ongoing election success, their web site only offers results for other third party's candidates.

America's Independent Party, figure headed by Alan Keyes, is a conservative party with no traction in this last election.

The Independence Party of America appears to be an attempt to create a truly centrist moderate independent third party. However, their impact on this race did not extend beyond routing contributions to a single candidate for Senator, Dean Barkley for Minnesota who garnered 437,389 votes, a distant 3rd to the still contested race between Al Franken (D) and Norm Coleman (R), the incumbent. An earlier attempt by this Party to get behind Mayor Bloomberg for President failed to find a cooperative Bloomberg.

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