Election Day: Blues & Celebration?

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As early as 8PM this evening, we may have clear indications as to who our next president may be. Be that as it may, there are an enormous number of other important races and candidates to be determined from the Eastern most point of Maine to the Western most tip of Hawaii. For 10's of millions of Americans today, a case of the blues will try to settle in because their horse didn't cross the finish line in first place. But, this election is as much about process as results. And the process, though in desperate need of reform, continues to work.

The primary purpose of elections is to stay off revolutions and civil wars. This election cycle, though riling the passions of many and frustrating the hopes of more, will nonetheless, represent a peaceful and orderly transition of power from certain leaders to other leaders, and a reelection of too many others.

America continues, however, to be the example of democratic process. While it is a disgrace that America forces its workers to lose, in far too many cases, an entire day of productivity waiting in lines to vote, and a disgrace that 1/3 of all votes will have no verification due to electronic voting machines, our peaceful transition and handing off the roles of power remain the example for the rest of the world to emulate. And this remains a just cause for celebration.

It continues to amaze me that election day every two years is not a national holiday, or, that our election day is not scheduled for an entire weekend, instead of during the middle of a work week. I entreat readers to visit and consider supporting Why Tuesday. America's voting system can and should be vastly improved. It is long overdue that American citizens get behind the effort to force their representatives, local and federal, to address these disgraces in our otherwise, commendable democratic elections.

Celebrate our democracy this evening, or this weekend coming. It is worthy of celebration. And make a resolution tonight to write a letter, make a phone call, or, join an organization to make our democratic process even more responsible, available, and worthy of emulation by the rest of the world. It is up to us to make it so. Our politicians, without our ultimatum, will continue to try to game the system and twist it to meet their needs, not ours. It is up to us.

Whether or not you voted for challengers, in order to vote out irresponsible, corrupt, or ineffective politicians who have brought an economic malaise upon our nation and our society, we would all do well to give some serious consideration to the Vote Out Incumbents Democracy caution.

From the beginning of history, those in power, used power to keep power. The vote is the only peaceful means the people of the world have to secure for themselves the power to remove those in power who would use it for their own purposes, instead of the purposes of the people and their nation.

When government disappoints, there is only one rational response in the voting booth, and that is to vote out those responsible in power, and vote for challengers, issuing them the mandate, that they NOT follow the steps of the politician they just replaced.

The election of 2006 and this current one, according to the latest polling, reflect a growing awareness by American voters of the central theme founding Vote Out Incumbents Democracy. Anti-incumbent sentiment that remains home on election day, rejects the power of the vote secured for Americans by so many who have suffered and died to extend and defend it. Any action by any person, which seeks to interfere with, make more difficult, alter, or block American's votes, is an act of dishonor and contempt toward those brave Americans who, for more than 2 centuries, have given their lives to extend and defend our right to vote.

If you found the process difficult or cumbersome or unaccountable, it is your responsibility to act to change those circumstances, and give your part to extend and defend our right to vote, as so many have before us.

If you voted, celebrate!

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