Obama - McCain Debate 3

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Each candidate held their own. A few more contrasts and details were made available. The format was a bit more interesting, and the questions were superior to previous debates. Below are the responses I recorded as the debate was taking place.

McCain - put a floor under falling homeowner values. Use 300 billion to buy mortgages of homeowners whose homes are, or will be foreclosed upon.

Obama - Rescue Bill was first step. A rescue package needed for the Middle Class too, focused on jobs, tax cut for those making under $200,000 per year. Renegotiate mortgages for foreclosing homeowners without bailing out the banks. Fix energy, health, and education as long term steps to strengthen our economy.


McCain - Obama's taxes will move some people into a higher taxes. I will not stand for small business tax increases. Obama will raise taxes on small business. Obama will spread the wealth around by taxing the wealthy and creating more spending on others. Why increase anyone's taxes at this time? We need to cut business taxes.

Obama - McCain will cut taxes on the wealthiest. I will cut taxes on the 95% of Americans under that wealthiest group. Small businesses, vast majority would receive tax break. I will increase taxes on Warren Buffet to give Joe the Plumber a tax break.


Obama - I will insure the financial system rescue bill will result in that money being returned to the tax payers. Eliminate subsidies to insurance companies. Provide health coverage lowering Medicare costs. When economic slump is over, insure balancing of expenditures and revenues. Across the board spending cuts not appropriate, we need to cut programs that don't work and fund those that strengthen economy. McCain voted for 4 out 5 of Bush's budgets. I didn't vote for tax increases on those making more than $42,000 per year. Fox news disputes that claim of McCain's.

McCain - Energy independence will reduce deficits, creating millions of jobs. Across the board spending freeze, then selectively reduce spending programs. Reduce defense spending, subsidies for ethanol, eliminate tariff on ethanol from Brazil. I will fight for line item veto. Cut out all pork. Obama voted for budgets that taxed Americans making $42,000 per year. Obama voted for pork filled energy bill.

Leadership in Campaign

Obama - The American people by 2/3 say in polls that McCain's ads are negative to 1/3 saying the same about Obama's ads. I don't mind being attacked for the next 3 weeks, but, we cannot afford another 4 years of leadership like the last 8 years. Let's talk about the issues.

Lewis' remarks have no connection with my campaign. American people want politicians to focus on the serious issues that affect them, not the tit for tat political rhetoric. Lifting wages and creating jobs requires we disagree without being disagreeable. We can't characterize each other as bad people.

Ayers has been focus of McCain's campaign for 3 weeks. I have roundly condemned Ayers Weatherman acts. We sat on a board at the same time with many known respectable Republicans. ACORN has no connection with the Obama campaign. I represented ACORN on a case for motor voter law many years ago.

McCain - Been a tough campaign, and negative campaign is Obama's fault for not engaging in 10 town hall debates. Lewis' statement regarding McCain and Palin, and Obama did not repudiate Lewis' remarks. McCain says he has repudiated false claims against Obama everytime.

Campaign financing, Obama lied. Obama has highest spending ever. Obama is spending unprecedented money on negative ads against him. We need to know the full extent of Obama's relationship with Ayers and ACORN. My campaign is about this tough economy.


Obama VP Choice. Biden is finest public servant. Best foreign policy credentials. Biden never forgets the little guy and working families. Shares Obama's core values and need to invest in Middle Class and working families, Energy Independence and Education. It is up to the American people whether Palin is up to the job. Across the board spending freeze will harm programs supporting special needs children.

McCain - Palin is a reformer. Cut the size of government, fought the oil companies and returned tax dollars to the people. Palin is a breath of fresh air amidst cronyism in D.C. She is a champion of special needs children, and united people all over America. Biden opposed 1st Gulf War. Biden had idea of partitioning Iraq.

Energy and Climate Change and First term progress

McCain - We can eliminate energy dependence with new nuclear power plants. Reprocess nuclear fuel. With all other technologies developed as well we can easily within 7,8 or 10 years, eliminate our dependence on hostile exporting nations.

I am a free trader. Must have worker re-training. Exports to Columbia cost us a billion dollars. But, their exports come into our country free. Columbia will be a market for our products. Obama opposed to Columbia free trade. Obama wants to restrict trade and increase taxes like Herbert Hoover.

Obama - In 10 years we will no longer import oil from Middle East. Must stop borrowing from China to pay Middle Eastern nations for oil. To the oil companies on oil leases; use them or lose them. Can't drill our way out of the problem. Alternative energies, American made hybrid vehicles have to be part of the plan.

Believes in free trade but any trade agreement is NOT a good trade agreement. Trade agreements must have conditions that insure equal playing field. Free trade must advantage American workers and consumers, not just American corporations. Trade agreements must contain human rights provisions insuring. Loan guarantees to auto makers but only on condition they make vehicles that help America become less oil import dependent and clean up our environment.

Health care

Obama. Must expand health care coverage and reduce health care costs. Bankruptcy should not be the cost of receiving medical care. Cut average families' premiums by $2500 per year with private insurance companies, or provide the same health insurance Congress persons receive. Manage chronic illnesses and prevention in a big way for the long term health of the budget, health care system and people. Small businesses are exempt from penalty I propose for large business. Uninsured raise costs for everyone and tax payers. Insure everyone, eliminate ER visits for minor health care and insure minor health issues don't become major illnesses. Employers will abandon providing health care under McCain's plan.

McCain. Costs must come down. Put health care records online, more local clinics, physical fitness in school, reward employees for health club membership. Obama's plan will fine small businesses who don't provide health insurance to employees. Obama's proposal is a single payer system. 95% of Americans will receive more money under my plan. Average cost of health insurance is $5800 and I will give them a $5000 tax break.

Roe V. Wade

McCain will not impose litmus test on Supreme Court nominees. Roe v Wade is state issue not federal. I will consider Court nominees on their qualifications and strict adherence to Constitution. Obama votes present on difficult abortion issues. Government must help women facing the abortion choice.

Obama. No litmus test. Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance and I believe Roe V. Wade was rightly decided. It is a private choice, not a government choice. Constitution has privacy rights implicit in it, and should be observed. When people are unfairly treated, statute of limitations can be unfair. We can find common ground in seeking to minimize the number of abortions by supporting alternatives.

Education as threat to national security

Obama - Economic importance of education is huge. More money or reform? We need both. Early childhood education pays back in improved performance and lower drop out rights and delinquency. Higher standards and accountability for grades a must as well as lower college costs. Tuition credit for public service necessary.

Parents are essential and must shoulder more responsibility for promoting their children's education. Federal government needs to provide assistance to school districts that operate at inadequate funding levels. For Charter schools and competition with public schools. Vouchers won't solve the problems. McCain said he won't give money to college student special interest groups. College students are our future not special interest group.

McCain. Failed public schools offer no choice to parents and students. Charter schools provide choice. Find poor teachers another line of work. Competition in schools is important. Throwing money at the problem is not the solution. Reward teachers, and teachers without certification will help.

Adjust student loan eligibility to inflation. No Child Left Behind was great beginning to solve education problem and it must be reauthorized. Head Start is great program. But, it doesn't work. Let's reform it and then fund it. We will spend the money to care for special education through private sector. Reform however is needed and money won't help without reform.

Closing remarks

McCain - New direction. I have record of reform. Affordable health care, education, spending cuts, and all our promises will be based on whether you trust us in office. I spent my entire life serving this nation and putting this nation first.

Obama - Government unwilling to tackle tough problems. Failed politics of the past will not better our future. Brighter days are still ahead if we invest in the American people, lift wages, and broaden the middle class. Bi-partisan effort is necessary and I will work for that and to improve our future.

Debate may be viewed at Debates.Org

Tone: My impression was that McCain was far more aggressive and energetic. Obama was steady, calm, and avoided some clear open opportunities to engage in aggressive debate. Obama won on tenor and tone and the confidence level. McCain won on the aggressive debate points and counterpoints. Republicans will likely regard this as McCain's best debate. Democrats will likely regard Obama's performance as holding his polling leads. Independent's will likely side with Obama as the better performer based on his tone and tenor, unless they clearly side with the policy issues McCain put forth.


The McCainites are going psycho. McCain campaign is dysfunctionable.
The McCainites are upset because they lost all of the debates. They are ranting and raving lunatics. They don't know what to do. They

looked at McCain like he was the Mighty Casey or Rocky Balboa. They must feel like they are in Muddville. There is no joy in

McCainville because the Mighty McCain has struck out. ....DEBATE-1-Obama v. McCain-Obama Wins. McCain looked and acted like a grumpy

old grinch. STRIKE ONE...DEBATE-2-Obama v. McCain-Obama Wins. McCain looked and acted like a grumpy old grinch. STRIKE

2....DEBATE-Biden v. Palin-Biden Wins. Palin looked and acted like she was trying out for Saturday Night Live.McCAIN CALLS FOR A TIME

OUT. McCain has a mental bloody nose......DEBATE-3-Obama v. McCain-Obama wins. McCain swung and missed like a grumpy old Grinch. STRIKE

To confirm, offer to WATCH a few points from ALL three debates: http://tubedirect.net/index.php?q=McCain-vs-Obama-moments
Time for McCain to hit the showers.

Dave, thanks for the metaphor and the link to the moments that counted in the debates.

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