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We get our politicians from our culture. That is to say, over time, the character and quality of our politicians will reflect the character and quality of our people.

There are people like this person claiming to be Russian by thename of Akif G. Agayev now linking Obama to Communist spies in Hawaii. There are no doubt Americans who will believe these absurdities.

There is the GOPUSA now proffering emails from idiots like this one who offers:

Frank Marshall Davis, known in the media as a mentor for Barack Obama. A new book, The Dream Begins, claims that Davis was "demonized" as a Communist but that he helped "shape" Obama's views. I will leave it to you to decide what influence he had over Obama. But I do have the shocking truth about Davis. He was not only a documented member of the Communist Party USA, but a sex pervert, homosexual and pornographer.

Then we have Palin and McCain insisting Obama has announced intentions to raise American's taxes. And at least 33% of Americans believe these lies, because the truth is just so much more difficult for their conscious minds to handle in making a choice in the ballot box.

Fortunately for our nation, the vast majority of Americans are not quite so easily duped and deceived. But, this is a two way street., and others engage in these deceptions and lies as well.

And they all, contribute to destroying democracy of, by, and for an informed electorate. They all
seek to build a power base constructed of lies and deceipt. They all seek to make you and I pawns of their intentions on election day. They all have vested interests in destroying democracy for their personal benefit and agendas.

Therein lies the true shame of what America is becoming. A people ignorant of the truth and sound information because information is free to distort and malign and twist, and our educational system increasingly fails to turn out citizens capable of telling the difference between what is plausible and what is implausible. Thus we are growing an ever larger electorate incapable of casting the kind of intelligent, self-interested, and informed vote the founding fathers intended of those who would elect Representatives to Congress.

America is suffering increasingly for its crisis in confidence. The people do not know who to trust anymore, on Wall Street, on K Street, On Capitol Hill, in the Media, and on the mainstreet of the Internet.

For decades this meant increasing voter apathy. It means now spending money instead of turning it over to someone else to invest it. It translates into herd mentality and identification by symbols of who can be trusted and who cannot like wearing a flag on their clothing or vehicle or not, and speaking code words of anti-government or pro-government to decipher if one is a true Republican or Democrat or a mole trying to infiltrate our minds with disinformation.

Folks, none of this is new. All of this happened in Germany prior to WWII, and George Orwell covered these topics brilliantly in his books Animal Farm and 1984. We are simply repeating history because we refuse to study it.

Most people now discard reading any comments which make mention of Adolph Hitler or the Nazis and try to draw parallels. That is history we should NEVER ignore, but, here we are living out the Orwellian tale in which truth becomes fiction and fiction becomes truth, and history is derided as the ramblings of feeble minds, while the political spin masters reap ever grander incomes as the propaganda ministers of the modern era.

Same propaganda, same objectives: we give them new names like 'pundits' and 'spin masters' so as to hide from our consciousness their true role no different than Hitler's or Stalin's propaganda ministers and minions. For to acknowledge their true role, would require and demand that we fight these ministers of lies and deceptions with all the resources we have. No, far easier to acknowledge their new respectable titles and go on about our business as if we were not repeating the darkest periods of our history.

Why are Americans not aware that the fastest and easiest road to authoritarian power is economic failure and instability? Why are Americans not asking if the demise of our economy, created and caused by the the wealthiest and those with the greatest power in our society, is not a political strategy to increase and insure ever more authoritarian power over us?

The answer is simple. We are no longer educated to ask such questions. Such questions are inherently dangerous, and subversive. Such questions could lead to the uncovering of truth and holding those with great wealth and power accountable to the people in the streets.

It is no accident that books like Animal Farm, 1984, and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, won't be found on required reading lists in high school civics classes. Hell, it is no accident that so many high school curricula no longer have civics classes.

Instead we make movies like V for Vendetta far enough removed from our current time to become entertainment and yet close enough to truth to be heralded as great movies by the diminishing minority who can still recognize the relevance of the movie and its nightmarish warnings and reflections of our current state of affairs. For the rest, it is a love story, a story of the family of man, and feel good movie, with lots good and evil and explosions and dramatic sound track.

And all the while, the very survival of our species as noble, and responsible for its actions, is ignored and lost on the vast majority of those whose votes control the future with increasing impotence.

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