Palin - Biden Wash

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The Vice Presidential candidate debate was a wash in this writer's opinion. Sen. Biden had a command of the details and historical facts, too many of them in the first half of the debate, but, if his objective was to reflect the Bush years into a McCain presidency, he was successful. Gov. Palin alleviated fears and anxieties over her appearing to be an air head with a solid rehearsed bag of tricks, like avoiding the questions, reverting to taxes, and attack, attack, attack. She stood toe to toe with Joe, and her base will praise her for it till the cows come home and long after.

On substance, the only news headline coming out of the debate was Gov. Palin's agreement with Dick Cheney's interpretation that the Vice President has executive power both in the Executive Branch and the Senate beyond simply providing a tie breaker vote in the Senate. Whether Gov. Palin thought she knew what she was talking about Constitutionally or whether she was simply backing V.P. Dick Cheney's extra-Constitutional interpretation because she reveres him, was not evident. But, it was the headline news that will circulate tomorrow and throughout the campaign.

On energy and colloquialisms and down home talk, in other words, style, Gov. Palin commanded the stage as well as any professional actress could have. On foreign policy substance, history, facts, current events, and threats, Sen. Biden clearly won the contest. And Sen. Biden won technical points on answering the questions posed, where Gov. Palin dodged them changing the topic, and saying she would do that up front.

For voters looking for substance on policy, strategy, and experience, Sen. Biden was there for them. For voters looking for style, energy, and the ability to relate at a high school level, Gov. Palin was the plain talking winner. It was a wash in this regard. Each candidate lived up to or exceeded their base's expectations. How they fared with undecided and independent voters remains to be seen, and will come forward in the polling and research groups analysis in coming days.

Underneath the debate was ever present question, should the VP have to step into the President's office, is this candidate ready and prepared? The answer on Sen. Biden, and polls will show this, is a clear yes. The answer on Gov. Palin will improve as a result of this debate, but, it is probably a safe bet that half or more voters will not believe she is ready or prepared for that role. And that is really the only question of true import when it comes down to deciding on a ticket only on the VP candidate.

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