GOP Hands Keys to Kingdom to Dems

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Eric Cantor - Pelosi Speech, Courtesy Reuters.jpg Republicans like Rep. Eric Cantor don't realize it just yet, but they just handed the keys to the kingdom to the Democrats. And if Democrats don't get the cooperation from the GOP on Thursday, they will use those keys in crafting their own solution giving the people what they expected, and then let Republicans balk and wear the consequences for a failed economy for decades to come.

By Thursday, Democrats will have realized the power Republicans handed them in saying it was Pelosi's partisan comments that caused Republicans to turn their backs on their constituents and the entire American economy. That is a game Democrats can now play by crafting their own bill, to replace the Bush Administration's approach.

Such a bill will provide their own bottom side up approach, with lots of regulation, inspections, prosecutions, and confiscations from CEO exec's and boards of directors and tax payer buy in to shares of the corporations, while providing resident homeowners foreclosed upon, or about to be, with direct assistance to insure they remain in their homes, which will put a floor under the falling housing value market and win enormous popular support for Democrats.

Republicans then can go along with this Democrat bill, or, kill it. But, in killing it, the GOP will commit political suicide for decades to come. It is a Republican fool who thinks Democrats don't know how to play hardball politics. Especially now that Rep. Eric Cantor has provided them the template. It will be a piece of cake for Democrats to tell Republicans to fall in line behind them or self-destruct on a world stage.

Most Congressional Republicans don't realize it yet, but they just handed the political keys to the kingdom to Democrats on a silver platter. And by Thursday, Democrats will realize just what it is they were handed. This bill will be reintroduced with minor alterations and passed by both parties, or there will be a rescue bill written by Democrats next time.

Republicans truly do not know how to wield power. They give it away for the taking out of ignorance and lack of experience and self-discipline as a majority party. Their corruption, sex scandals, bribery and ties to wealthy lobbying corporate special interests brought in to legislate, and now there rejection of aid to Americans because a Democrat didn't speak nicely to them, completes their history as a failed party.

They lost Congress in 2006. McCain has given the White House over to Obama with his incredible displays of poor and contradictory judgment. And yesterday comes Republican Eric Cantor before the cameras and microphone to offer Democrats the ploy that will condemn the GOP by their own handiwork for posterity. Fiction could not have been more creative in drafting this story line.

This level of incompetence and ignorance by the likes of Sen. Shelby, Rep's. Roy Blunt, John Boehner and Eric Cantor, almost makes George W. Bush appear slightly above average. Boehner described the bill as a pile of crap while trying to sell it. All Republicans tried to sell this bill as a bailout of Wall Street, instead of what it actually was, a rescue bill for American workers, small businesses, and college students seeking loans. Sen. Shelby opposed it from the outset and turned his back on the American people as if that was going to score some political points. Roy Blunt played the dupe in backing Eric Cantor's play to try to pin the defeat of the bill on Nancy Pelosi. And that was the key handed to Democrats on a silver platter.

All Democrats have to do now, is craft their own bill and let Republicans defeat it, cementing the GOP's fate for many, many elections to come. Because the memory of the suffering by Americans as a result, will last long after the actual suffering is over.

The GOP has no leadership anymore, as there is no following in a majority of any of their leaders anymore.

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