Why Is Obama Running For President?

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There is nothing as depressing as to be right about calamity foreseen and have such warnings go unheeded. To see what is coming, take advantage, and walk away, allows one to feel intelligent, profit from the knowledge, and avoid looking back at the suffering of others who didn't see what is happening. This, of course, would be the corporate executives and Republicans in power who fought against regulation and oversight since 1994, and won.

Republicans and oil Execs told us we were paying through the nose this last year and a half for oil and gas due to shortages. Nonsense said I, and some others. There was no shortage, only power and greed speculating on the opportunity to reap enormous profits from an unsuspecting public and a castrated Senate of Democrats saddled with GOP filibusters.

Now, in the face of investigations and world wide scrutiny into the cause of the oil price surge, oil prices plummet $50 a barrel in a matter of weeks, as speculators and oil shareholders walk away with the biggest of pride filled grins and a trillion dollars of consumer's hard earned pay worldwide.

It is absolutely depressing to have written many times here that there was no oil shortage. No ships pulling up to port for oil supplies was ever turned away empty, or only partially full, I wrote. But, very few read or listen to the folks who know what is happening but chose not to be an insider power broker seeking to capitalize on their knowing. This is one of the flaws of labor specialization. The ones who specialize and seek power, fame, and money for their specialization will, in time, keep their knowledge to them self to profit from. Those who generalize their knowledge and seek to inform others of what the specialists are up to, are ignored and disregarded.

Why listen to someone who doesn't seek power, fame, and wealth from their knowledge? Why listen to me, Ralph Nader, or even Bob Barr, now that he is reborn a Libertarian? I mean, if we really knew what we were talking about, we would seek to profit from our knowledge from within the Democratic or Grand Old Parties, not share it for free with a minority who recognize the value of what is offered, right?

There are no good people doing the right thing, speaking truth to power and greed, for free, right? How can you trust a do-gooder who doesn't charge you for it? You would charge for it, wouldn't you? It is the American way to charge for anything of value. How can you trust Obama who essentially says he had to be a Democrat to reach a position in which he could do good things for people for nothing more than the opportunity to do good things for people and his daughter's futures?

And therein lies the answer to how America's political and economic meltdown, too few of us have been writing and speaking about for years, is unfolding before our eyes, as if by surprise. This is why, as a nation, we now react as if shocked, as if this were an unforeseen event according to naive journalist headlines. Sen. McCain and Pres. Bush both today said our fundamentals are strong.

What they mean is, they got their 10's of millions, so there is no need to panic. Are you still buying this subterfuge? Does this Orwellian "DoubleSpeak" still make sense to you? If so, you are a major contributor to the problems so many now experience in 401K losses, threats to pension funds, and even an increasing risk of cascading economic failure under the weight of $53 trillion dollars of debt, and growing.

I will continue to write of things to come which will be ignored and refuted, even after they come to pass. I shall continue to do it for free, and remain a person of modest means. I was given the gifts of learning and education, and I chose as a young man not to profit from these gifts, but to share them as they were given me, freely. It is depressing! But, uplifting too, to recognize others of this ilk, as they sparingly appear from time to time in the news.

Such folks distinguish themselves from the GW Bush's, Abramoff's, and John McCain's of this world, who would turn any, and every, advantage and disadvantage in their lives into a profit, an advantage over others, and a position of power from which they can corrupt what is good, for personal gain and advantage. It can be confusing making out the good people though, in the public arena, because once they achieve fame, they are easily confused with those seeking fame for personal gain.

There are genuinely good and gifted people in this world who share their goodness and gifts without desire to become rich, famous, or advantaged. There are good and gifted people in this world who offer their gifts freely because they received their gifts freely.

America has become a nation half full of people who largely regard 'do-gooders' as stupid, fakes, or unworthy of being listened to and guided by. After all, if they had something of value to offer, they would be profiting from it, not sharing it freely, right? So, just how is it, America could ever elect an honestly good and capable person to be president and tell them apart from the others who seek the office for personal fulfillment?

Thus, America will remain an idea with such enormous unfulfilled potential for achieving her ideals. It is hard to imagine anything more depressing than a willful decision by a nation's people to turn their back on the potential for good and ideal when it is freely offered. With Obama and McCain neck and neck in the polls, we appear poised to do just that. One candidate is the real deal. The other has performed enormous feats of gymnastics to appear to be a mirror image of the other candidate, co-opting his messages and policies, in order to confuse the voters. And the polls demonstrate this confusion.

Why is Obama running for president? Because it is in his good and capable nature to do so. Why is McCain donning the camouflage of Obama's policies and representations? That is a question which should be obvious to any who understand his troubled and self-serving past.

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