McCain's Poor Judgment: Palin

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Sarah Palin - Times Online.jpgSen. McCain's choice of Gov. Sarah Palin demonstrates once again his poor judgment. Sen. McCain is elderly and that increases the liklihood of Gov. Palin having to step in as President of the United States. This fact reflects poor judgment on McCain's part on several levels.

First, Gov. Palin is a first term Governor without the executive experience McCain criticizes Obama for not having. If Sen. Joe Biden has to step up to President, he brings decades of foreign intelligence and foreign diplomacy experience to the office. Not so, with Gov. Palin.

Second, Gov. Palin is a relative unknown outside the Republican inner-circle. She doesn't bring any competitive edge to his campaign save for the fact that she is a woman. The presumption here is that Gov. Palin's female status may attract disaffected Hillary supporters.

Apparently, Sen. McCain didn't watch the Democratic Convention, for if he had, he would have realized that that there are very, very, few disaffected Hillary supporters anymore that can be attracted to the McCain ticket. So, the one important drawing card for choosing Palin, is nullified by the unity found in the DNC's convention this week. Very poor judgment, here.

Third, given that Gov. Palin brings no economics education or experience to the ticket, nor foreign affairs experience or education, it leaves the distinct impression that Sen. McCain chose her for one, and only one purpose, to broaden his political campaign's appeal to women voters. If that is the case, is not Sen. McCain putting politics ahead of the needs of the nation, and his personal aspirations ahead of the country?

It would certainly appear so. The hypocrisy of this is enormous as Sen. McCain's attacks upon Obama were centered on claims that Obama was in this for himself and not the American people. That he was a celebrity, and lacking the experience to lead. McCain's campaign has alluded to Obama's meteoric rise in politics as ego based, like that of a rock star or other Hollywood celebrity.

And yet, here is Sen. McCain selecting a V.P. candidate on what appears to be no more than possible political gain based on gender, rather than assets needed by the nation in facing its enormous challenges, created and grown by the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress. To be fair, Gov. Pallin does bring a record of fighting corruption in Alaskan government, to her great credit.

But for nearly all the reasons McCain has criticized Obama for not being ready for the White House, he has selected a VP candidate who lacks the same qualities McCain criticized Obama for. Judgment simply doesn't get poorer than this. And pales in comparison to Obama's choice of Sen. Joseph Biden as his VP choice.

This decision by Sen. McCain does highlight the reckless and risky way by which McCain was pegged with the moniker, "maverick", however. From his days as a rule breaker in the military, to his years of avoiding any education in economics while voting on trillions of dollars of tax payer's money in Congress, to his siding with Pres. Bush 9 times out of 10 on failed policy and administration, the word "maverick" fits Sen. John McCain quite well. A maverick is not to be relied upon, trusted, or counted on in a pinch.

The pinch was on in this election campaign, and his VP choice cannot possibly avoid frustrating large factions of the Republican Party constituents who would have preferred a Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, or Mitt Romney with stature and proven experience. It was a poor judgment call indeed if Republican turnout this November is lower than hoped for and expected.

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