Obama's Brilliant Speech

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Obama-Acceptance-Speech - courtesy WaPo.jpgSen. Barack Obama's nomination acceptance speech was vastly more than that. And it was vastly more than a list of political promises. It was a solemn promise to America that this election is not about him, it is about us. It is about whether we choose the change we all know is desperately needed or, we respond to the fears his opponents will attempt to instill in us, to not take a chance on change. It was brilliant, truthful, and hit to the core of what this election is truly about.

The speech was also brilliant on the tactical front. It was armored against the potential retorts of the McCain campaign regarding patriotism, judgment, and being connected to the average American. At the same time that Obama defended McCain's patriotism and care about America, he slammed McCain for being out of touch, and dependent upon the old politics of divisiveness and derision as the means to personal victory in a contest that was always supposed to be about the American people and this nation's future, not the candidate's personal aspirations.

And if he lives up to his declaration that he is fully prepared to debate McCain on judgment, policy, and vision for America's future, the debates will pose the greatest of challenges for Sen. John McCain. If this speech was the foundation for Obama's debate material, Sen. McCain should be a lot more nervous tonight than he was last night, and has his homework cut out for him.

Obama's speech got into nuts and bolts issues and policy direction. It remains absent of dollar amounts, and demonstrations of how balancing the budget can be accomplished, but, Obama was specific about where he would go for additional revenues and sounded Reaganesque when he alluded to poring over the budget line by line to rid our failed bureaucracy of the waste and abuse of tax dollars that have been the hallmark of the last 7.5 years and Congress' long before that.

He called for tax breaks for small businesses that create and keep jobs here in America, and reasserted a promise to cut taxes for 95% of working Americans. He offered many more specifics than ever before. And it was a brilliant move on his part to not give too many details away, keeping them in reserve for the debates with Sen. McCain.

In all, it sounded like Barack Obama is finally ready to take on any Republican the GOP wants to put before him, and win. He has a message, a vision, and the policy directions that will resonate with the majority of Americans capable and willing to compare these between the two candidates. And he has the contributions from Americans to spread his message from corner to corner of the United States and its territories.

He has adopted the best of Republican principles and married them to the best of Democratic principles. Fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility and dignity of work, have been married to principles of compassion, tolerance, a helping hand, and acceptance. And unity even amidst diversity ties these together as he laid forth a platform of issues and policies that will appeal, and ring true for, moderates in the Democratic, Republican, and Independent ranks of voting citizens. It is a foundation for a new coalition in American politics, and it arrives just in time in the candidacy of Barack Obama.

I chose to support Obama many, many moons ago as the best of the candidates capable of winning. However, I continued to have healthy skepticism and doubts whether he would, or could, be the candidate to deliver the turning point which America so desperately needs to take. I am convinced by this speech tonight, that my choice to support Barack Obama back then was the right one, and now Obama has provided me with much of the evidence to defend that choice.

He will not be a perfect leader or president, no president ever has been. But, I am now convinced he is the leader, for this time that America needs, to make the changes that are long over due and deteriorating my daughter's future in this country.

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