Sen. Menendez Opposes E-Verify

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Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and American workers are on opposite sides of the fence. This is made obvious by his attempt to kill the E-Verify program which allows employers to verify citizenship of potential employees through a computerized system before hiring them.

There are 8 million Americans out of work and seeking employment. And this number is growing. This attempt by Sen. Menendez to block the E-Verfiy program is a slap in the face of every one of these unemployed American citizens seeking work. American politicians should be investing in American workers finding work, not in keeping the flow of illegal aliens coming across our border for jobs Americans need. But, as we will see in a moment, this is not about American workers, it is about political power.

NumbersUSA reports that Sen. Menendez may also be trying to barter blockage of E-Verfiy for an increase of up to a half million new allocations for foreign workers through the legal immigration system.

Either way, Sen. Menendez and many of his Democratic colleagues clearly have their priorities reversed from that of the average American citizen who is concerned about job security, wages not keeping pace with inflation, and national security holes created by our wide open Southern Border with Mexico which admits up to 1 million unknown, unscreened, and untracked illegal immigrants to this country each year.

As has been widely written, Democrats have an ulterior motive in trying prevent a halt to illegal immigration. The research leads them to believe that the majority of illegal immigrants, if allowed to become citizens, will become loyal Democrat voters as well. It is sound logic given the Democrats keep the illegal immigration coming while Republicans are fighting to halt it.

These Democrats are putting politics and power far out in front of the American citizen and taxpayer's need for jobs, higher wages. These Democrats are trying to secure their power in government by championing the cause of millions of potential new Democratic voters should illegal aliens receive a path to citizenship.

More than 30 states have now enacted legislation to slow or stop illegal immigration from overwhelming their infrastructure, labor pool, and social services. Growing numbers of Americans demand protection from potential epidemics and health risks posed by un-innoculated illegal immigrants, and terrorists coming across our Southern Border undetected.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the countries from which most immigrants come from to the U.S., Asian and S. American, have from 5 to 20 percent higher incidence of tuberculosis than America. This is not a problem for legal immigrants as they are all screened and rejected for entry if carrying a communicable disease. Illegal immigrants however, are not pre-screened, and are, without question, accounting for a major part of the increase in communicable diseases in the U.S., including measles, mumps, TB, and hepatitus.

Putting the American people at risk of terrorist attacks, communicable disease, increased gang violence and criminal activity caused by a percentage of illegal immigrants for political gains, present and future, is abominable and unconscionable. Such politicians are absolutely not working for our nation's future or benefit of the American people.

Sen. Robert Menendez is one incumbent politician New Jerseyans and Americans need to VOID from Congress and public office. Barack Obama, are you listening to the American people, or the likes of Sen. Bob Menendez? Independent voters want to know, and they want to know, NOW!

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