Hillary Delivers

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Hillary Clinton clearly recognized what the Party of Democrats and the future of the Democratic Party needed from her, and she she delivered it. But, equally important, she recognized what her "pant suit" women's brigade following needed to move past the hurt, the disappointment, of HiIlary's loss to Barack, and she delivered that as well.

Clinton's speech was thoroughly and completely armored against Republican responses. In no equivocal terms, she said nothing less than the fate and future of this nation rests upon insuring that John McCain does not become the next president. No how, no way, no McCain, she said. She opened the door for those with reservations about Obama's experience to feel good about voting for him anyway, because the alternative would be the ruin of the future for Americans and especially their children's future in America.

It was everything any Democrat could have asked from Hillary, and it was delivered with absolute conviction, and without any equivocation or hint of ulterior agendas or motives. Currently the polls have Obama supported by only 80% of Democrats in the nation. Obama needs that number to move to 89%, which Kerry garnered, in order to move the national poll balance between himself and McCain into a 4 point nose ahead of McCain.

The coming weeks will tell if that bump is achieved. But, it is hard to imagine what more Hillary could possibly have said, or any other manner of saying it, that could have done more to achieve that end. Her ardent women supporters want parity in the worst possible way, and Hillary was the promise of making it a reality. But, as Hillary Clinton's speech made absolutely clear, the only option now is to keep on going toward the freedom women seek. And the train going in that direction is engineered by Hillary's candidate for President, Barack Obama.

It was truly a great speech, not in terms of inspiration and aspiration, but, in the mechanics and pragmatism of solving problems which the Democratic Party faced internally, and could have derailed their opportunity to win the presidency in November. Yet, while mechanically perfect in its repairs, it was also delivered as sincere and heartfelt. She displayed a grace and deference to the perceived good of the people, the nation, and the future without a hint of disappointment or remorse at a personal level.

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