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The Bush Administration is shutting down another in a long list of boneheaded stupid ideas based on voluntary participation in law enforcement. The Administration is ending its voluntary deportation program designed to give illegal aliens a legal means of deporting themselves. After 18 days of the well publicized program, 8 out of approximately 20 million illegal aliens volunteered to be deported. The Bush Administration insists the program was not a failure, however.

The Washington Post provides some details in an article by Spencer S. Hsu, entitled, U.S. Halts Self-Deportation Project But it gets stupider! The program denied deportation to felons, criminals, and other illegal aliens wanted by the law. Which suggests with clarity, that the Bush Administration does not consider being here illegally, a crime.

As Mr. Hsu writes:

The government estimates there are about 550,000 "fugitive aliens" nationwide, but the program was limited to individuals who have no criminal record and pose no threat to their communities or to national security.
Apparently, the Bush Administration wants the criminals and those posing a danger to our communities to remain in America. It logically follows since the deportation program was not available to these persons.

[James T. Hayes Jr., acting director of detention and removal operations for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] said ICE spent about $41,000 on the pilot, including advertising costs, and averted the $54,000 it spends on average to catch, jail and remove eight fugitive immigrants, for a value to taxpayers of $13,000.

Pulling out my calculator and doing the following calculation from the figures above, $54,000 / 8 * 20 million, I arrive at the estimated cost for the Bush Administration to track down and deport all the illegal aliens in this country of ... $13.5 Billion Dollars. Our annual budget deficit this year is a bit over $450 Billion dollars.

"The agency is spending $218 million this year to remove fugitive immigrants" the Wa. Post article reports. Obviously, the illegal alien issue is not a priority for the Bush Administration or the Congress. They have allocated enough money and activity to allow them to publicly say they are addressing the issue. But, given the numbers, the Administration has removed only 29,000 illegal aliens this year, out of an estimated 18 to 20 million.

This says two things to the critical reader. First, that the money being spent is being spent in such an inefficient manner as to make solution of the problem by these means unaffordable. And it says that we are apprehending and deporting far fewer than are coming across our border each year, nearly a million per year.

These numbers however do support some other statistics. Namely, that our entire net population growth is accounted for by the inflow of illegal immigrants and their propagation rate which is significantly higher by nearly 50% than American citizens.

Surely, the next Administration will be able to devise a more efficient, more cost effective, and vastly more successful plan to halt and reduce the illegal immigrant population swelling the demands upon our government services, infrastructure, and competing with American citizen wage earners to lower wages and job security. It would be hard to imagine the next president not being able to improve upon this record. But, then, Americans not only elected this President, but reelected for good measure. Perhaps the absence of mental acumen is not all the President's.

Still, there is hope the voters have a higher learning quotient than President GW Bush. Keep hope alive!

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