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Sarah Palin - Times Online.jpgSen. McCain's choice of Gov. Sarah Palin demonstrates once again his poor judgment. Sen. McCain is elderly and that increases the liklihood of Gov. Palin having to step in as President of the United States. This fact reflects poor judgment on McCain's part on several levels.

Obama's Brilliant Speech

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Obama-Acceptance-Speech - courtesy WaPo.jpgSen. Barack Obama's nomination acceptance speech was vastly more than that. And it was vastly more than a list of political promises. It was a solemn promise to America that this election is not about him, it is about us. It is about whether we choose the change we all know is desperately needed or, we respond to the fears his opponents will attempt to instill in us, to not take a chance on change. It was brilliant, truthful, and hit to the core of what this election is truly about.

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and American workers are on opposite sides of the fence. This is made obvious by his attempt to kill the E-Verify program which allows employers to verify citizenship of potential employees through a computerized system before hiring them.

Hillary Delivers

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Hillary Clinton clearly recognized what the Party of Democrats and the future of the Democratic Party needed from her, and she she delivered it. But, equally important, she recognized what her "pant suit" women's brigade following needed to move past the hurt, the disappointment, of HiIlary's loss to Barack, and she delivered that as well.

The Bush Administration is shutting down another in a long list of boneheaded stupid ideas based on voluntary participation in law enforcement. The Administration is ending its voluntary deportation program designed to give illegal aliens a legal means of deporting themselves. After 18 days of the well publicized program, 8 out of approximately 20 million illegal aliens volunteered to be deported. The Bush Administration insists the program was not a failure, however.

America is but one Katrina, one serious terrorist attack, one large earthquake, one more war away from an economic depression that will send tens of millions of Americans into the streets homeless, jobless, and waiting in line at charitable organization and government soup kitchen doors for meals.

President Bush signed legislation requiring government contractors to use the E-Verify system which checks potential employee's legal status before hiring. But, that favorite organization of Republicans, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has called this activity "experimental, unreliable, and extremely burdensome."

Is There Such a Thing?

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NONPARTISAN? INDEPENDENT? With registered Independent voters now outnumbering Democratic or Republican registered voters, the words 'non-partisan' and 'independent' get misused and abused by partisan interests. Many voters don't trust words like these because of their abuse and misuse. It is understandable. Like everything else, these words are used by partisan groups and individuals for political advantage. Let's clear up some of the confusion.

Republicans threw a fit on the floor of Congress today, and then called a news conference to grandstand their fit. [Link is to video of conference.] Almost no one listened. And for good reason. Rep. Mike Spence (R-In) gave the cookies away when he said we Republicans could have given the American public greater access to oil, but, didn't. He went on to rail against Democrats for having recessed without an energy bill.

smileyface.gifWith the doom and gloom hovering over consumers, the economy, Afghanistan, and corruption in government, it is important to revel in what good news comes our way. Otherwise, we risk becoming jaded and cynical, and that leads to apathy and inaction to improve what has gone wrong. There are various items of good news to cover. Let's take a look at this last week's worth.


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