Rove: In Contempt

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Rove thumbs noseThis Morning, the House Judiciary Committee voted to issue a contempt of Congress citation upon Karl Rove for his refusal to appear to testify before Congress. The Committee's resolution now goes before the whole House for a vote. Does Congress have what it takes to be Congressional and defend their authority to represent the people against the executive branch of government?

The People for the American Way organization had delivered 127,000 petitions to the Judiciary Committee demanding this contempt of Congress procedure go forward. Their demands were honored by the Committee, but it remains to be seen if the whole House of Representatives will honor the interests of the American people in the same fashion.

The heart of this issue is executive privilege, whether it should extend to anyone and everyone whom the President decides to extend it to. Clearly that power was never granted to the President by the Constitution, the Supreme Court, or any other legal precedent. The power of executive privilege has been fairly clearly defined as applicable to only communications of the President in his official capacity. The matters which Congress seeks testimony from Rove on do not involve communications with the President in his capacity as President.

Hence, the Congress has an obligation to protect and defend its authority to require testimony of persons working in or for the White House when such testimony is required for Congressional oversight and accountability functions on behalf of the American people. But, will the politicians in the House be willing to put politics aside long enough to vote for the protection of Congressional authority? We will see.

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