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Rove: In Contempt

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Rove thumbs noseThis Morning, the House Judiciary Committee voted to issue a contempt of Congress citation upon Karl Rove for his refusal to appear to testify before Congress. The Committee's resolution now goes before the whole House for a vote. Does Congress have what it takes to be Congressional and defend their authority to represent the people against the executive branch of government?

McCain Reuters PhotoSen. John McCain on Friday demonstrated that he is making progress on crystallizing his hopefully damaging critique of his opponent, Barack Obama. Like Hillary Clinton, McCain appears to be finding his voice, all negative, all the time. Apparently, McCain's advisers are telling him that if he can't tear down Obama's growing popularity, he will lose. And McCain's campaign speeches are now reflecting this effort.

Claire McCaskill face.gifJunior Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) brought to light this morning yet another revelation connected to the tragic Iraq War and tax payer dollar waste.

Courtesy Reuters, Obama - al-MalikiDuring Obama's discussion with the Sunni Vice President, and Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, they did not discuss Obama's plans for withdrawal. However, after their meetings in press conferences, both of the Iraqi leaders said in unequivocal terms, we want the U.S. troops out by the end of 2010. Which happens to be, 16 months after our next president takes office, and when Barack Obama said we needed to be out of Iraq.

What does the dictator of Zimbabwe have that Pres. Bush does not? The title, nothing more. The President is claiming unheard of breadth in Executive Privilege that purports to immunize anyone working for the White House from the powers of Congress to subpoena them to either turn over documents or, testify before Congress.


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