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Hillary Clinton just dashed any serious hopes held by the GOP, third party, and independent candidates of making inroads to the November 2008 elections on Hillary's back. Those praying for a split in the Democratic Party brought about by a less than exuberant endorsement of Obama by Hillary, have to feel as disappointed today as Hillary's supporters felt last Tuesday evening when Obama's delegate count raced passed the requisite number for the nomination.

Not once, but many times, did Hillary Clinton deliver a home run for Party unity, for Obama's campaign, and for a Democratic win of the White House in November. There were no hints of reservation, no undertones of resentment or alienation, no allusions to continuing the campaign for Hillary in her speech today. She did however, lay at Barack Obama's feet, two conditions for winning over her supporters: his commitment to breaking the glass ceiling over women's heads which she said her supporters put 18 million cracks in, and universal health care.

If Barack Obama picks up the pledge and cause of the glass ceiling on women's wages and equality in the work place, and he moves his position on universal health insurance coverage for all children to encompass poor and uninsured adults, Obama will bring the vast majority of Hillary's supporters on board. She made it that easy for him.

She also clearly made the case that the alternative to supporting Obama is another 4 years like the last 8 under GW Bush. She said America cannot afford that alternative. She cited the economy, education, health care, jobs, and retirement quality as areas of our lives which will suffer should Sen. John McCain win in November. She stole a bit McCain's thunder citing individual liberty as worth fighting for, but, also that America meets her challenges best when Americans work together toward common purposes.

It was a very professional speech, and one of her finest in the entire campaign. Compared to twelve months ago when her stump speeches were a bit shrill, a bit off meter, and too lofty to be anchored in grassroots concerns, this speech highlights how her campaign has immeasurably matured her public speaking and speech making abilities. This speech was anchored in realities facing her audience, its meter was attuned to the audience retaining control and management of audience responses, and her voice was solid and confident.

Whatever other criticisms can be launched at Hillary Clinton, this speech is not one of them. Its goal was to pave the way back to Democratic Party unity and leave the way open for Independent voter supporters to join the Obama campaign in order to change the conditions threatening and hurting working American families these last 8 years. Hillary Clinton's speech met its objectives as far as was possible in this speech today.

This speech alone will not unify the Democratic Party nor bring a majority of Independent voters to the Democratic Party's choice for president. Much more effort and creativity and exposure are required to get to that point. But, this speech today by Sen. Clinton left absolutely no doubt, that Hillary Clinton is not going to be an impediment, but, a major asset to the Obama campaign to get there.

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