Just Back The Hell Off!

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It is unbelievable the way the pundits and analysts rushed to condemn Hillary Clinton for not publicly acknowledging Obama's primary win last night, outright. This woman just fought one of the toughest campaigns for her supporters and agenda. For crying out loud, give her a few days to grieve for her loss and reassess the landscape after the emotions and fatigue have faded a bit.

It was insulting and arrogant of Chris Matthews on Hardball this afternoon to constantly harp the view that Sen. Clinton is holding out to blackmail Obama with her supporters. That is absurd on its face. Hillary Clinton loves her Party, and loves this country, and frankly, she has considerably more grace and control of her emotions than her husband who cursed out Clyburn on the phone on the eve of the S.Carolina primary and other tantrum fits.

Hillary Clinton is acutely aware that she still has enormous responsibilities on her shoulders to bring unity back to the Party and deliver her following to Obama's support. That is NOT going to be an easy task, and it requires some thought, and planning, and feedback, to be handled in the best possible way. The lady needs to get some sleep, to decompress, and then set her disappointment aside and deliberate in a rational and logical way the best way to fulfill the enormous responsibility still facing her.

Just back the hell off you impetuous and impatient sharks of the negative in the media, and let the woman do what she has proven she does so well, lead her following. She will do right by Obama, her Party, and the nation. Just give her a chance to catch her breath and work away the enormous disappointment. Bill Clinton, keep your idiotic emotions in check along with your other intimate organs. Good advice. Follow it, you idiot. You do great disservice to your wife acting the vengeful child.

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