Unbelievable American Politics

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Would you believe McCain is proud of his Health Care proposal which would decrease benefits and increase costs? Would you believe the Bush Administration's Pentagon is sending 44,000 US jobs overseas? Would you believe plans are underway to link ports in Mexico with a central super-port in Kansas City that will be the hub for Chinese imports? Would you believe nuclear power will be paid for twice by consumers? And there's more!

McCain's Health Hurt. Working Families of the AFL-CIO completed a study of the McCain health care plan proposals. His plan would "shift the burden from employers to workers. He will make health care premiums part of taxable income, essentially creating a new tax for working families." His plan would also open the door for employers to shed their health care benefits plans forcing workers to fight the insurance companies and HMO's all by their individual lonesomes when cheated and treated unfairly. And without the collective power of employer advocates fighting to hold down health care costs and maintain benefits coverage, those costs will unquestionably rise and benefits wane. It's unbelievable, which is why McCain thinks he can get away with it.

Pentagon to export 44,000 U.S. Jobs. An International Federation of Technical and Professional Engineers report blasts the Pentagon’s decision to award a $35 billion tanker contract to a European aerospace consortium. This union says the government will send 44,000 jobs overseas for a less capable and more expensive tanker. Not only do Americans lose jobs, but the taxpayers get ripped off yet again by Bush Administration (DoD) contracting personnel who give not a whit of care for the national debt or deficits or adding to our children's tax burden throughout their work lives.

In [PDF] a letter to Congress, the IFTPE states:

To make matters worse, this contract was awarded while the U.S. Trade Representative has brought WTO charges against Airbus for receiving illegal and unfair subsidies. It certainly is ironic that at the very time the United States is alleging unfair business practices against Airbus/EADS, our Pentagon not only created a unique process to favor Airbus/EADS, they also actually awarded this allegedly rouge company a lucrative defense contract.
Its unbelievable! Which is why they will get away it.

NAFTA Superhighway Continues. Despite the Administrations protests to The Nation's article in 2007 indicating the Mexico to Canada NAFTA superhighway was pushing ahead, the NAFTA Superhighway is pushing ahead. But this story just becomes more and more unbelievable. As NAFTASuperhighway website reports:

After cargo arrives at Mexican seaports (mostly from Asia), it is to be shipped to Kansas City, and from there to the rest of the US and Canada. The cargo will be approved and screened for security in a Mexican port. Trucks and rail are to be inspected for safety in Mexico. According to press reports, there will be a US “border inspection" when the cargo reaches the Mexican border.

However as we now know, a very small percentage of cargo [about 1%] is inspected by Homeland Security. They will rely primarily on the port personnel in Mexico. The vast majority of cargo will pass through the border unimpeded and will not be inspected. We will be relying on other countries to keep us safe from terrorism, nuclear waste and semi-trucks full of illegal immigrants, guns, drugs or other illegal cargo.

There are many tentacles to this story. HumanEvents reported that China will be one of the primary beneficiaries, having won NAFTA agreements to deepwater Mexican ports. Thus, this superhighway will no longer extend just from Mexico to Canada via the U.S., but from China to Canada via the U.S. The American consumer will be rewarded with increased taxes to subsidize portions of this SuperHighway, ever cheaper and lower quality and unsafe products, and losses of ever increasing numbers of American jobs.

And our government proposes to beef up consumer protection for Americans in what is a scandalous joke on its face. Heath and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt recently announced that the Food and Drug Administration will add 13 more inspector positions in communist China. It's like putting one drop of insect repellent between your big and second toe to ward off mosquitoes in the Amazon jungle.

All manner of American private investor interests are promoting this Superhighway. They include a consortium of private investors with closed door meetings calling themselves the Kansas City Smartport Group. In Texas, the Governor and Legislature has been pushing hard since the SuperHighway NAFTA concept began to create toll roads out of the interstate highways in Texas to generate state revenues from this boom in Mexican trucking traffic across the state of Texas to other states, to include rail right of ways to the Kansas City SmartPort. The City of San Antonio has asked to be included opening the door for SmartPort distribution center to be hosted in its own city. This would create several hundred jobs for San Antonians while costing 10's of thousands of jobs for other Americans in small business manufacturing, services, and transportation.

And the biggest beneficiaries according to Tom DeWeese will be American monopolists via Private-Public Partnerships which constitute government sanctioned monopolies. And there will be many of these raking in the taxpayer and consumer dollars in this SuperHighway NAFTA concept which appears unstoppable without a revolt against incumbents in November's elections. This selling out of American consumers and workers in wholesale fashion is so unbelievable, that it is almost guaranteed to succeed.

Nuclear Power. The pressure is intensifying to promote taxpayer underwriting of Nuclear Power as a cheap and affordable alternative energy. Think about that for a minute. If Nuclear Power is going to be so cheap and affordable, why are taxpayer dollars needed to build them? Isn't the cheap and affordable alternative guaranteed to return windfalls of profits to private investors? The proponents say private investors refuse to underwrite nuclear power plants citing all manner of risks to potential profits, from insurance and liability costs, to law suits for generations over inadequate waste storage (there is no disposing of it), and of course, the inevitable and ubiquitous cost overruns to the $10 to $18 Billion dollar initial construction estimates.

If nuclear is not the answer for private investors without taxpayer subsidies, why is nuclear power going to be a good deal for consumers and taxpayers who will be paying twice for nuclear energy? And what is the opportunity cost to consumers and taxpayers? How much solar, wind, hydrogen, geothermal, and passive earth mass energy conservation dollars will be diverted to nuclear power plants if the nuclear proponents get there way? For the total price of a couple nuclear power plants, every home in America could have solar electric roofs. It is so unbelievable an energy alternative that it will surely become reality.

Not all the unbelievable news is bad.

Obesity plateaus among American children.

Center for Public Integrity finally exposes Great Lakes toxic report which the Bush Administration put under wraps last year believing the report was too shocking for the public to handle.

Stealth Campaigns to distort truth and reality for American voters are exposed.

KBR's negligence killing and cover-up of at least 12 American GI's by electrocution finally getting the inquiry it deserves.

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