GOP Out: Voter's Defense Guide

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OK, now that the GOP is out, how can voters protect themselves from the Democratic Party? GOP out I say? OK, let me count the ways so we can move on to the Voter's Defense Guide.

GOP Out of power:

The easiest way to evidence this claim is to simply reference this week's news headlines and accompanying articles.

Nuff said!

Unless someone wants to discuss the difference between Obama's middle name being Hussein while Mrs. McCain believes in investing in Husseins or, Sen. McCain's GI Bill Political Games. The GOP is out for the count, may they rest in great discomfort for their transgressions.

Voter's defense against Democrats:
The majority of voters are moving to Democrats this November. Whether it is a repudiation vote against Republicans or a validation vote for the Democratic Party can be debated till the cows come home between conservatives and liberals. But, with a Democrat led government, voters will be swapping one set of problems for another, retaining some common between the two Duopoly parties, and remedying some problems created by Republicans. Voters know what Republican problems they are voting to remedy, and they don't need to be told what those are.

What they may not know is what common problems with the GOP won't get solved with Democrats, and what new problems Democrats are likely to create. After outlining these, a straight forward voter defense guide will be presented.

Common Problems with the GOP.

First among these will be deficit spending. It won't be as bad as under Republicans who pulled out all the stops in charging up our children's taxpayer debt to the tune of 10 trillion dollars. But, the Blue Dog Democrats (fiscal conservatives) will be outnumbered. Fortunately it does not appear the Panderer in Chief Hillary Clinton will be the president, trading deficit spending for popular support ala gas tax holidays. Still, with all in America that needs repair and investment after 8 years of being Bushed and Whacked, plus all the pork barrel projects and desirable, but not affordable programs which Democrats having been lusting for in their wilderness from power, Democrats only salvation from voter wrath in 2010 will have to be Obama's veto pen, if he has any better luck finding it than Bush did.

Entitlement crisis. It's here. The first baby boomers, those conceived by returning soldiers at the end of World War II, are eligible for early retirement and the subsequent Social Security and Medicare benefits this year. From this year forward, the surpluses in the Soc. Sec. program dwindle each year before morphing into deficits. And the Medicare/Medicaid system becomes a tax anchor weight on a drowning economy and consumer class.

The Republican answer was to let everyone fend for themselves amidst the insurance and medical provider wolves, or failing that, ignore it entirely. Raising the taxes to help pay for these shortfalls was never a Republican option, nor was reducing the debt so we would have credit and borrowing power when needed.

Democrats on the other, will reform Soc. Sec. and Medicare. Of that there is no question because failing that, they will be turned on by the public in a fashion not dissimilar from what is now happening to Republicans. The question is, will they come up with reforms that are any more viable, sustainable, and supportive than the GOP Congress and President devised? Raising additional revenues must become part of the solution if these programs are to be retained. The majority of the public demands they be retained as insurance against poverty and the indignities of becoming indigents at the mercy of limited charitable resources. But, raising revenues as the only answer to the problem will just as surely torpedo America's listing economic ship as Republicans attempt to ignore it.

National Security. Republicans abdicated much of national security despite the so-called Homeland Security Agency, and chose foreign aggression and intimidation and saber rattling overseas instead. The most obvious and logical first priority of national security was one Republicans found abhorrent: secure our borders. It wasn't until they got booted from power in Congress, that Republicans began taking up the 'secure our border' war cry against Democrats. Republicans were conflicted. They needed the support of business to donate to their reelection campaigns, and businesses were demanded cheap illegal and imported labor.

Democrats have a very similar situation except that it is not businesses which are their constituency insisting our borders remain wide open to terrorists, illegal alien labor, criminals, and cheap imported work forces. For Democrats it is Mexican, South and Central American immigrants who are insisting the borders remain wide open. And make no mistake, the Democrats view these people as their constituents, which is why amnesty is still the centerpiece of Democrat's immigration reforms. With amnesty, Democrats become their champion and they in turn, after becoming American citizens, will dutifully and gratefully vote Democratic. It is the ultimate pander, and in the most Un - Constitutional manner conceivable.

One of the most fundamental roles of federal government is to protect the sovereign borders of these United States and its citizens from invasion and enemies both foreign and domestic. But, Democrats are too willing to turn a blind eye to the potential terrorists, criminals, and illegal invaders into our homeland, culture, and jobs in the hopes of securing their power hold on government for decades to come. The very act of coming here illegally is a demonstration of contempt for our laws and sovereignty. Not a concern for most current Democratic politicians.

Voters thinking this problem will be resolved by switching parties in control of government are in for a rude awakening.

Different Problems than Republicans gave us.

Democrats will create policies with absurd federal spending. They will seek to remedy social and individual ills to the last person. They will do this because as the Big Tent Party of diverse factions and splinter groups, their power rests upon holding such a diverse coalition together at election time. The only way to do that is by legislating in behalf of each of those factions and splinter groups. The only way Democratic massive pandering of this kind is likely to be checked from within the Party is with a strong willed and clear visioned communicator Democrat in the White House. Hillary Clinton was never going to be that president. Her entire political experience is as an old school Big Tent Democrat. Pandering to factional interest groups is her forte'.

There is a definite potential in Barack Obama to be the kind of President to check his Party's bank busting pandering. He has an educational background in the study of our Constitution. That provides him with the potential to see that it is the nation and its unity and strength that are the foremost responsibility called for by our Constitution. It can provide him a priority set that will not permit pandering to minority voter constituents for votes. His priority set for fiscally responsible budgets, effective internal and foreign affairs management, and legal matters essential to preservation of our nation and its posterity may veto such pandering by his Party's old school incumbents. The Constitution's priorities are a tall order for any president in today's politics, but, it has not changed in over 230 years.

Time will tell if Obama is up to it. Few persons ever considering occupancy in the White House have ever been, or ever will be faithful to the Constitution's priorities. Presidents get to the White House through politics, and politics has a corrupting and compromising influence upon those who see the role of President as the Constitution defines it.

A great many, if not most Democrats currently in government, by virtue of having been in government for decades, are jaded and blinded to the new realities challenging Democratic Party values and ideology. Traditionally, Democrats valued domestic issues more than foreign, it was their strong suit. They valued safety nets over citizen sacrifice. They valued compromise over unrelenting principle.

However, America in this century is not the America of the 20th century. America today is a net debtor nation instead of net lender nation. America is now a service provider instead of a manufacturer nation. America is a money changer nation instead of goods producer and exporter nation. America today is accustomed to a degree of freedom and wealth, and entitlement to these which were only being striven for in the 20th century. America was a leader and chief competitor amongst nations in the 20th century. However, in the 21st century America must witness a growing number of emerging nations take first place over America in a wide array of measures, thanks in very large part to the generosity and leadership of America toward the world in the 20th century.

Far too many Democrats will work to reinstate the benchmarks America owned in the latter half of the 20th century. But, that will be largely a futile effort and expensive to boot in many areas of endeavor. America achieved so very much in the 20th century because she had vast untapped natural, human, and creative-educational resources to muster to the call of growth, expansion, and innovation.

America in many ways is tapped out of a great many of those and other resources, like trust in government. As America continues to increase its two parent working family society, her labor force face difficult choices. Among them are working longer for the same returns, accepting growth through imported labor forces with the large costs that accompany such population growth or, learning to live with very much less in the way of consumption and discretionary choices. America is still a very wealthy nation. But, for most of the 20th century there were 200 million or less people sharing that wealth. In this century there are 50% more people, and growing, trying to share the wealth. Which would be achievable if America's real asset wealth (vs. paper wealth) were growing as in the 20th century. But, it isn't.

America is a net debtor nation. Her government and her people are going to carry a debt load unprecedented in America's history since the post Revolutionary War decades. What this growing American population will share more of in the 21st century is debt and responsibility for service payments on that debt to net asset growing nations like China, Malaysia, India, and possibly Africa and Russia in the latter half of this new century.

America has witnessed a growing net trade deficit with other nations for almost 30 years running now. The piper is going to demand to be paid in the 21st century. More Americans today service other people instead of their own needs than ever before in our history as their primary occupation. And that paradigm shift will extend ever wider to servicing the needs of people in other nations, through interest payments on our debts, and exchange of our human and creative resources for non-discretionary necessities for every day living from other nation's .

These facts of the 21st century for Americans need not spell doom and gloom for our children and theirs in the 21st century. To be sure, the peoples of other nations have maintained national, cultural, and personal dignity while being dependent upon and servants to the American economic dynamo in the 20th century.

However, it is going to require governmental leadership with the capacity to both accept and honestly deal with the facts of our situation in this new century. Having faced these facts squarely, that leadership must then be relied upon to do that extraordinarily American thing Americans have always done; turn adversity into opportunity with resolve, perseverance, and creativity. America can transition to a player amongst many in this global economy as a debtor instead of lender, partner instead of trailblazer. America can transition to an interdependent member of a United Nations dedicated to collective security from and for its members. America can transition to a role of servicer and innovator for other nation's growth needs with pride and a sustained broad middle class intact.

All these things America can do. But, only if she has leadership that can squarely face the new realities and chart a course of opportunity and principle in the face of them, much as Abraham Lincoln had to do with the Civil War, and as George Marshall and Harry Truman had to do in the aftermath of WWII. The majority of Democrats in leadership today lack the comprehension of our newly defined role in the 21st century. A deficiency shared by nearly all Republicans in office. They lack the appreciation of the precarious fork in this centennial road, one path leading to an endless string of failures to recreate the past, the other toward redefinition and new opportunities to remain a major productive player in the world while maintaining control and ownership of our future.

We are no longer a young country. We have grown very rapidly by historical standards of empires and great civilizations. With vast untapped resources and relative isolation from the rest of the world, providence granted us forbearance for our youthful errors, hubris, and cockiness. But our youth as a nation is behind us. We now face mature decisions and responsibilities for our debts, our education, and our future as united and interdependent people.

Our time of squabbling like siblings over desserts, whose skin is prettier, and what we want to be when we grow up, is over. America has very adult challenges before her. And we as Americans must meet those challenges as experienced and learned adults, responsible for our past though our youth and inexperience failed us at times. And far more importantly, we Americans must assume the responsibility for our future as a mature nation amongst other nations, both responsible and maturing like us, and inexperienced and cocky as we once were.

Lastly, we must become crime fighters of the first order, both inside and outside our borders. Rule of law, just law, is one of America's great weight bearing foundations. It has been crumbling for decades.There is no future if our foundation fails.

We must commit to erasing laws which cannot be enforced, and which breed contempt for law and order by absence of strict enforcement. We must find other means of addressing those behaviors. And the laws we can enforce justly and equally, we must enforce without exception. America cannot allow criminals to come and go across our borders at will. Americans cannot allow criminals to be rewarded with power in our government offices or, the benefits normally afforded upon leaving those offices after crimes were committed, high crimes, or misdemeanors.

That is as sure a path to downfall as any ever imagined for America. No president, no congress man or woman, no civil servant can be permitted to violate our laws and walk away unpunished. No murderers of innocents from foreign or home soil can be permitted the satisfaction of knowing they got away with it. It is anathema to the American spirit, American ideals, and undermines the very foundations of our Constitutional system of justice and law.

The Voters Defense Guide

The voters defense guide then is simply this. Vote for leadership oriented to this century and able to see it for what it is and portends. Boot those government politicians who are still living in the past, squabbling over outdated and divided power games and ideologies. Vote out those elected officials using deceptions aimed at voters designed for the last century's preoccupations. And vote out and insist upon prosecution of those in government who circumvent our laws and violate them, or behave as though the laws that apply to the rest of us, do not apply to them. America overthrew King George of England's rule here, for just such acts of his government. Law defines who we are, and our just laws define why we are a special people in a special nation.

Voter Defense is Mandatory

Some of our youthful challenges were never met. Some of our opportunities are now closed. We should vote for leaders who can let those go, and respond to this century's challenges and opportunities within our ability to accomplish as a united people. Not for ourselves, as children are preoccupied with themselves. But for our children, and theirs, that they may benefit from the parentage of a nation more experienced, mature, and wise.

America was a magnificent idea at its founding, pregnant with idealism, potential, and daring. America became a great nation despite failing to perfect that idealism and fulfill all that potential. In the 21st century, with a little less daring and greater ability to respond appropriately as a mature and experienced nation of the world, we can yet further perfect the realization of that magnificent idea that was, and is still, our birthright. A birthright bought and paid for with the difficult, but proud industry of youth, blood, and sacrifice of those Americans who preceded us.

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