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Would you believe McCain is proud of his Health Care proposal which would decrease benefits and increase costs? Would you believe the Bush Administration's Pentagon is sending 44,000 US jobs overseas? Would you believe plans are underway to link ports in Mexico with a central super-port in Kansas City that will be the hub for Chinese imports? Would you believe nuclear power will be paid for twice by consumers? And there's more!

OK, now that the GOP is out, how can voters protect themselves from the Democratic Party? GOP out I say? OK, let me count the ways so we can move on to the Voter's Defense Guide.

GOP Out of power:

The easiest way to evidence this claim is to simply reference this week's news headlines and accompanying articles.

Nuff said!

And its about time the green flush credit card industry got a mowing by our government. Deregulation of the credit card industries in the late 1970's has seen an ever increasing, out of control, spiral of higher interest rates, higher debt limits, higher tolerance for high risk card holders, followed by higher interest rates. And this spiral culminated in a bankruptcy reform law passed by Republicans to better protect the credit card issuers in the event of consumer bankruptcy filing.


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