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Rational, thoughtful, educated, informed, and with a vested interest; these were the hopes of many of America's founders for the integral characteristics of those who vote and participate in the democracy portion of our Republic. Universal suffrage wasn't even close to being considered desirable at the founding of our nation.

Yet, universal suffrage is what we have delivered unto ourselves in the name of Women's rights, African American rights, Civil Rights, and Ignorant and Uneducated Rights. America decided that even the ignorant and uneducated are entitled to a voice in electing not just their district representatives of the U.S. House of Representatives as originally intended, but the Senate and the President as well.

Janus McCain

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Sen. John McCain is the most conflicted candidate I have seen since Richard Nixon. It is as if the left mouth Of Janus McCain doesn't know what the right mouth is saying, thus they contradict each other before the same public. Let's look at some examples.

Yesterday, in an obvious bid to pander for votes, McCain proposed a gasoline tax holiday for the summer. This is the same McCain who said in a GOP debate: "we can reduce these greenhouse gas emissions." The man's gratuitous ignorance of economic behavior is on display here. Lowering the cost of gasoline drives up demand and usage, thus increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Raising the cost of gasoline, decreases demand for gasoline and thus reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Janus McCain is conflicted.


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