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As early as 8PM this evening, we may have clear indications as to who our next president may be. Be that as it may, there are an enormous number of other important races and candidates to be determined from the Eastern most point of Maine to the Western most tip of Hawaii. For 10's of millions of Americans today, a case of the blues will try to settle in because their horse didn't cross the finish line in first place. But, this election is as much about process as results. And the process, though in desperate need of reform, continues to work.

Palin - Biden Wash

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The Vice Presidential candidate debate was a wash in this writer's opinion. Sen. Biden had a command of the details and historical facts, too many of them in the first half of the debate, but, if his objective was to reflect the Bush years into a McCain presidency, he was successful. Gov. Palin alleviated fears and anxieties over her appearing to be an air head with a solid rehearsed bag of tricks, like avoiding the questions, reverting to taxes, and attack, attack, attack. She stood toe to toe with Joe, and her base will praise her for it till the cows come home and long after.

The title of this article (above) is the name of the Bill which passed the Senate last night. It is voluminous and the time between its issuance from the Banking Committee to its vote on the floor likely precluded most Senators from having time to read it themselves. But rest assured their staffers did. Visit and support the Sunlight Foundation for the full text of the Bill. Or, read this article, for an overview of what is happening, the rest of us can understand.

Yesterday, the word was an agreement framework was at hand. What transpired after that is anyone's guess, and I will offer some in a moment.

But, the facts are these: A group of House Republicans have opposed this Republican proposal from the outset when Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson announced it days ago. One hour after McCain's arrival in D.C. yesterday, bi-partisan statements were made to the media that a basic agreement was at hand. Today,that sentiment was reiterated in a bipartisan statement this morning. Then, Sen. McCain met with balking Republicans in the House and became their spokesperson in the White House meeting which ended just 30 minutes ago. Now there is no agreement, Sen. Shelby and another spokesperson at the White House announced.

There is much debate and discussion about what is at stake regarding our economy and this bailout of wealth institutions who have gorged themselves on the profits of bad loans, collateral, and absence of prudence in managing that wealth of others. But, no one is telling the truth about what is at stake, or why these politicians are working feverishly with little sleep night and day. What is at stake is what no one in Washington D.C. wants uttered in a public forum. But history is not so silent about what is keeping them all up at night.

There is nothing as depressing as to be right about calamity foreseen and have such warnings go unheeded. To see what is coming, take advantage, and walk away, allows one to feel intelligent, profit from the knowledge, and avoid looking back at the suffering of others who didn't see what is happening. This, of course, would be the corporate executives and Republicans in power who fought against regulation and oversight since 1994, and won.

Sarah Palin - Times Online.jpgSen. McCain's choice of Gov. Sarah Palin demonstrates once again his poor judgment. Sen. McCain is elderly and that increases the liklihood of Gov. Palin having to step in as President of the United States. This fact reflects poor judgment on McCain's part on several levels.

Hillary Delivers

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Hillary Clinton clearly recognized what the Party of Democrats and the future of the Democratic Party needed from her, and she she delivered it. But, equally important, she recognized what her "pant suit" women's brigade following needed to move past the hurt, the disappointment, of HiIlary's loss to Barack, and she delivered that as well.

Supreme Court PhotoThe Supreme Court ruled it is unjust to exact the death penalty for rape of a child where the child lives beyond the crime. Is this a just ruling? The answer depends upon whom you ask, what mode of brain operation they use to form an opinion, and whether they understand the word 'just' in the question?

It is unbelievable the way the pundits and analysts rushed to condemn Hillary Clinton for not publicly acknowledging Obama's primary win last night, outright. This woman just fought one of the toughest campaigns for her supporters and agenda. For crying out loud, give her a few days to grieve for her loss and reassess the landscape after the emotions and fatigue have faded a bit.


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