Democrat's DREAM Act Defeated!

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Democrat's attempt to hide their 'Amnesty and Leave the Borders Open' bill, by burying it in the Defense Appropriations Bill, has failed. Some 490,000 NumbersUSA supporters, and many thousands of other Americans, hit their Senators again with raucous dissent via phone, fax, and email at this sneaky and underhanded attempt to revive the Amnesty bill which, failed last summer as a stand alone bill.

The stink of hypocrisy made opponents ever more fervent to halt Democrat's attempt. Democrats have for years criticized Republicans for using this very same tactic of hiding legislation in totally unrelated bills in order to sneak it past the public and media and fellow representatives. Now that Democrats have the slimmest of majority in the Senate, they are adopting the corrupt tactics of the former Republican majority. It is shameful and despicable that Democrats who campaigned on change and ethics would stoop this low to move legislation they perceive as a political windfall for their party, if only they can sneak it past the public.

Worse, many Democrats brand NumbersUSA as a right wing Republican organization. Another despicable Republican tactic now adopted by many Democrats. NumbersUSA is not affiliated with the Republican Party nor is it partisan in any way. It is a single issue organization attracting supporters from across the political spectrum including the ever growing majority of Independent voters. It seems the oft heard criticism that there is little difference between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to political dirty deeds, is proven true yet again.

These shady and underhanded tactics by Democrats are jeopardizing their sway with Independent voters. If they don't halt their Republican mimicry in shady politics, their confidence in Nov. 2008's election outcome may be seriously compromised when all the votes are counted.

I extend my thanks and appreciation to my fellow Republican, Democrat, Third Party, and Independent comrades who worked and supported the effort inside and outside NumbersUSA to halt this travesty by Democrats to weaken American sovereignty, public health, law and order, and national integrity. Democrats have but one thing to gain by such a bill, their belief that 3/4 of immigrants legal and illegal given amnesty, will become Democratic voters. Which means the Democratic leadership is willing to sell out our nation for the sake of increasing their political power. They must be stopped from doing this. And thankfully we did stop them again, this time. The amendment was pulled from the Defense Appropriations bill.

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