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Democrat's attempt to hide their 'Amnesty and Leave the Borders Open' bill, by burying it in the Defense Appropriations Bill, has failed. Some 490,000 NumbersUSA supporters, and many thousands of other Americans, hit their Senators again with raucous dissent via phone, fax, and email at this sneaky and underhanded attempt to revive the Amnesty bill which, failed last summer as a stand alone bill.

This last 7 days has witnessed one of the most packed weeks for political news and activity I have ever seen. From a rash of Republican retirement announcements to a rash of new information about Iraq, on balance, it appears many wrongs and ills are being set right, and a few not. Following is a recap.

The GOP's UN-Fair Tax Goal

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Unable to make any headway in the Congress for a national retail sales tax, now referred to as the "Fair Tax" proposal, proponents have embarked on a different strategy. And so far, it's working.

When Republicans were in control of Congress, a debate was begun on how to eliminate the progressive income tax system which imposes higher rates for those accruing greater incomes. The two main alternatives to Income Tax reform were the Flat Tax and the Sales Tax (now spun into the "Fair Tax" by name).


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