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Increasingly, a measure by which many Independent voters determine whether or not to vote for an incumbent or their challenger, is based on who is funding their campaign and in what amount. One American hero is largely responsible for the public having that ability. His name is Fred Wertheimer.

Fred Wertheimer PhotoFred Wertheimer is a name and face which Independent / Third Party voters, and all voters concerned with responsible, ethical, and accountable government, should get acquainted with.

In an excellent article about Mr. Wertheimer, Jeffrey H. Birnbaum of the Washington Post writes: For 36 years, Wertheimer has worked tirelessly to change congressional ethics and campaign finance laws. This year he conceived and championed the most consequential part of the soon-to-be-signed lobbying bill: a provision that requires lawmakers to disclose the names of lobbyists who "bundle" campaign checks for them.

Much of the data on who is giving big checks and who is taking them, can be found here at the Federal Elections Commission web site, thanks in no small measure to Mr. Wertheimer's decades of effort.

Mr. Wertheimer, thank you. You are like water pouring over rock, year after year, eroding the rock in the grinding and unyielding motion of your efforts toward passage, until one day the canyon of free flowing information needed by voters to make an informed decision is carved wide and deep for all to benefit from.

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