Why Changing Parties Changes Nothing.

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Changing parties in the majority of Congress in the election of 2006 changed nothing in our government. Nor did it change America's ever dimming future. The reason is that the Democratic Party is held hostage to the same forces which caused the Republican Party to fail as the one party of majority. The truth is, though Republicans had the majority in government, they were not in control. Just as Democrats will not be in control, even IF they win the Presidency in '08 and acquire a filibuster proof majority in Congress.

When the Supreme Court defined money as speech, it literally gave control of government to the wealthy special interests and told the American working people and their families to piss off and shut up until they have made their first few million in investments, to lobby Congress themselves. In so doing, the Supreme Court also gutted the power of political parties to lead this country out of its problems and toward solutions, instead, making the political parties subservient to the wealthy special interests and the party's desire to hold onto majority status in government.

Campaign financing and political parties were never addressed in our Constitution. Yet, these two facts of our current government (the duopoly parties, and buying legislation through campaign financing) control the vast machinery of our government and most issues and politicians it touches, and hence, the lives of every American citizen.

With only 2 parties for the people to choose from, both subservient to wealthy special interest campaign financing, the American people have lost their choice at election time. The right to vote is meaningless if the only choices on the ballot are wealthy special interests and wealthy special interests.

If Democrats truly want to change anything for the better in this country, they MUST inform the public of this destruction of our democracy, and take actions to remove the wealthy special interests from the legislative process. Which is to say, they must either overturn the money as speech doctrine, or remove special interest money from campaign financing altogether.

But that is like asking a heroin addict to throw away his stash and works. The Democrats are addicted to the special interest money just as hard as Republicans were. That addiction continues to erode the democratic portion of our democratic republic, leaving only the republic controlled by the wealthy special interests.

There is only one way out of this for America. The majority of the American people must make this their sole election issue, and vote out politicians who won't accommodate a separation of wealthy special interest money and state, which is nearly all incumbents, and vote in challengers who campaign on this separation as their number one agenda.

No other campaign issues are as important, because as long as the wealthy special interests are bribing and blackmailing politicians through campaign financing at election time, all other issues will be decided in favor of the wealthy special interests in part, or whole, regardless of the will of the people.

Voting out incumbents, is the only path to restoring democracy to our republic. Vote Out Incumbents Democracy (VOID) is the only Political Action Committee dedicated exclusively to this cause and purpose. Support VOID, or stand back and watch America fail. There aren't any other viable choices. VOID neither seeks nor accepts contributions from wealthy special interests.

Which means if you, the voter, doesn't support VOID, the wealthy special interests will remain in control. The choice is yours. The time to make that choice is now. CLICK HERE to become a member or make as generous a donation as possible.

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